Photoshop thread- Leland Smoking Cigars

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  1. Pleagreid, your in the lead!
  2. Leland stumbles upon an interesting scene.
  3. OMG he posted in an indicator thread!
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  4. Warmwater fishery.
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  5. Lincoln was a spey caster.

  6. Night Terror Leland:

    Night Terror Leland.jpg
  7. Leland and his twin brother Lulond helping the man in white check out the hatch on the River Jordan.

  8. Leland's first attempt at the SRC fly-in.
    Leland Flight.jpg
  9. Leland watches the Pram Thread.

    Pram Thread.jpg

  10. Ha!
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  11. You rascals are pretty danged good at manipulating photo images.

    Once Photoshop became popular and Virginia saw what you can do with the program, she said she'll never believe another photo for the rest of her life.

    She's correct. It is becoming very, very difficult to determine what is a true image and what is Photoshopped. It would be a real bitch if you took a legit photo of Bigfoot or a UFO on your front lawn... and everyone figured it was Photoshopped.
  12. Takin' a break from the single scull with a fine stogie.

  13. leland 3.jpg leland4.jpg
    Couple more source images from the internets...

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