Photoshop thread- Leland Smoking Cigars

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by wadin' boot, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Fishing his poppers within view of the Narrows Bridge.


  2. Swap that out with a big fatty and "we'd" be on to something.
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  3. Thread of the year, no ifs, no buts, with the Oscar going to Lelaunch, although I'm wondering about the twin exhaust.

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  4. Yowzer! There are some pretty creative guys on this site! This stuff is hilarious.

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  5. Is that a brittany sharing the couch with you in your avatar? If so, you have great taste in dogs
  6. makes two of us!

  7. For the win. Nice work Kirk and very creative. Someone is going to have to work hard to top this.
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  8. Leland, BRINGER OF DOOM

    Leland bringer of doom.jpg
  9. A scene from the lesser known "Leland Miyawaki's Day Off"

    Lelands day off.jpg
  10. Hands down thread of the decade. Great humor guys.

  11. Leland and Lancaster.
  12. Our favorite popper:

    In action:
  13. I think Occupy Skagit is getting a bit extreme
  14. This is by far the best thread ever.
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  15. damn boot. . . thats hot
  16. I sure wish I knew how to do this. Being computer dumb sucks.

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