Photoshop thread- Leland Smoking Cigars

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  1. "So I guess was wrong, E=miyawaki cigar2!"

    Leland and Einstein copy.jpg
  2. Leland gets really tired of waiting for Chuck to quit screwing around.

    Leland waits for Chuck.jpg

    Bear Chuck Leland.jpg
  3. Leland stops by to apologize. "I'm sorry I had to get a bit rough guys but let that be a lesson - Never, ever lowhole me or try to take my cigar!"

    Arnold and Silvester.jpg
  4. haven't laughed this hard in a long while... I can't take anymore!
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  5. With the new Photoshop programs, it isn't really as difficult as it once was to insert images. While the full blown Photoshop program is very expensive, Photoshop Elements is quite reasonably priced and is easy to use to manipulate images. There are video tutorials that show you how to create the effects.

    I have an older edition of the full Photoshop program but have since started using Elements because it is much less expensive to upgrade.

    plaegried is about as good as you can get when it comes to using the program.

    But you can certainly accomplish the simple stuff with Photoshop Elements and it doesn't cost as much as a Mercedes to purchase.
  6. Little known fact: Leland was a casting instructor for the actors in "The Movie" and actually made a brief cameo appearance.

    The Movie.jpg
  7. This is a classic thread.!
  8. I did mine on my ipad
    Art studio app
  9. Oh sure, use a knock-off :p
  10. This thread is the ultimate testament as to the state of our fisheries here in Puget Sound... great stuff, but sad in so many ways :).
  11. Let's keep on track, no need bringing off topic stuff into this thread. I'd hate to see this creativity stifled with a lock down.
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  12. No worries. I already registered

    Carry on gentlemen, this is awesome
  13. Muhammed Aleland
  14. Oh, that's why Leland spends so much time on the beach.

  15. Who doesn't miss Baywatch?

    Pamela Lelanderson.

  16. This is just wrong on so many different levels!!! :eek:
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  17. Yes... yes it is.... :rolleyes:
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