Photoshop thread- Leland Smoking Cigars

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by wadin' boot, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Left hand retrieve on that reel, pretty uncommon, but Gilligan Miyawaki is an uncommon kind of guy.
  2. Hell, don't stop now! This is the best thread in years.
  3. Many funny as hell, but I'd like this on my bumper.
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  4. OK, this needs to be made into stickers we can put on our stripping baskets, next to the Hello Kitty stickers.
  5. Anyone interested in tying up a "Cigar Popper" in honor? First pic of real fish with non-photoshopped cigar popper in mouth for the win...
  6. Dang that is funny!!!! :D
  7. I would chip in for tshirts!
  8. Before you guys get too carried away, you'd probably better check with Leland before you start using his image on t-shirts or whatever.

    Good thing he has a good sense of humor but it may have limits.
  9. Itchy, please keep 'em coming!
  10. bingo, i don't care if you use the image but it is 100% up to leland and of course triggs who posted the original picture in an earlier thread.
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  11. This is also over on Facebook. This thread is getting around.
  12. Looks like ol' Ernie Hemingway was really just a poser!

    Hemingway and Leland's popper.jpg

  13. Nice! That shot was taken on Silver Creek if I'm not mistaken?
  15. Leland_Heythuijsen1635.jpg
    Does that mean I owe Leland an apology:eek:
  16. Yes.

    (Hey! That's a painting of an Imperial Walker on the wall! Seems a tad out of place ... or not)
  17. I don't even know the guy, but this is way too funny. Here is my crack at it.

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  18. Good Sir Lelancelot was a renowned jouster, unhorsing his opponents with ease, even while only wearing armor from the waist down. This earned him the nickname, The Half-Naked Knight.
    Good ser lelandalot.jpg

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