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    There is plenty to be learned throwing gear that can be translated into the fly world and same can be said of bringing fly tactics techniques into the gear world. I learned quite a bit about river fishing, drift current over 2 decades ago watching a buddy who fished spoons and jigs for steelhead and trout.

    I often switch between gear and fly.

    If I am fishing next to a gear guy I often pick their brain for techniques , colors, speed, size etc. Most have been very friendly. For me fishing isn't a competition.

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    Shock of shocks....I tend to agree with Evan...on a busy river it doesn't seem to matter what your fishing you'll run into tools on both sides...

    While I mainly fish up north...I've found like Jerry that when I am down here the gear guys are no problem...when I fish my little S river I always stop and talk to them...I've been told some great spots by these guys and probably get the biggest kick out of the real good ole boys as they have some of the best stories....They get to know you and your truck...no one messes with it or you!!!

    Had more then my share of just strange fly guys though....Now also have met a handful of really good guys too...I just won't tell them anywhere I fish anymore as those pricks get out more then me and steal my fish LoL...Maybe I'm just to used to seeing a lot of good rods of all ages up there..but you see um, most of the time you stop for a chat..or a passing nod and "How'd it go" conversation...it's cool...down here though, damn been low holed, beeked at...walked by the first fly guy I ran into down here...said "hi" and he looked at me and walked by without saying a word....I had to double take at that one...I know I'm really handsome but don't be such haters!!!

    Now flip the coin and the boat guys down here I have found seem to have no problem running your water...up north, they tend to give walk in guys that water, I was told on my first float ...."those guys walk in, that's all they got, don't fish their water"....sound advice which I wish was heeded down here more!!!
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