Pickled egg recipe

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  1. I'm looking for some pickled egg recipes. nothing goes better with spring fishing than pickled eggs.
  2. I've seen three. PA Dutch beet juice pickled eggs, a vinegar, sugar and a few other stuff pickled eggs and one I can't remember where I saw it. It had sliced beets, onions, eggs and some more "stuff". I think that recipe was in the latest In Fisherman.
  3. I pickle beets (sweet) and green beans and asparagus (spicy dill). I save the liquid after finishing a jar and use that to pickle eggs. I've never tried pickling them on their own before.
  4. That's how we used to do pickled eggs back when I lived at home. Eat the beets and then put the eggs in the beet juice with a little extra vinegar and salt and pepper.
  5. I always try to follow a reliable recipe when pickling anything. The WSU extension office is one of those reliable sources for food preservation. Here is a link to 5 different pickled egg recipes...
  6. thanks for the heads up.

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