Pickup truck disappointment

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  1. I will stick my neck out here and say i love my full size trucks. Ive owned 3/4 and 1 ton diesel trucks and they rock for hauling the rv and family around and all the crap that goes along with that. Added bonus with such a set up is that i get to visit a lot of very fishy places and stay a few days. Granted, it sucks as a daily driver and is killing my wallet. They have their purpose though.

    That being said, i need a smallish daily driver and econo rig i can run a couple hours each way to the rivers and back and not take out a loan to do it.
  2. +1...This was my solution and works great for me.
  3. I got a 2013 Outback 4-banger and couldn't be happier for reasons Plecoptera stated, plus I pay less $ to regimes that hate us, pay less $ to the oil industry that I hate, pump less CO2 into the atmosphere, it's reliable as they get, and I don't care that I look like a lesbian. In a way, I am one.
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  4. The Hilux would be sweet. How easy to go to Europe and import one? From what I gather...more or less impossible (or not cost effective). My 2008 6.0 GMC crew cab (3/4, with air bag suspension, 12,000 bumper hitch and goose hitch) was traded in this summer for a slightly used Outback (2011). Wife is sure the outback is the best car ever. I love it too. We bought the P/U because we were living on a farm an hauling tractors, hay, etc. As a daily driver...well it makes no sense unless you just feel like you have too much money laying around :) Since we moved back to town, the P/U made little sense.
  5. You'd see a lot of 'em here if it were even halfway affordable. I looked into it when I lived over there and didn't get very far. I finally gave up and went the suvie route. Small diesel pu over here would probably destroy the market by grabbing half the male population.

    If I had to own a pu today I'd just find a used ranger. Not that far gone and lots of them out there.
  6. Loan it to me and I'll be happy to take it fishin.
  7. My first truck was a '76 Chevy Luv with a 4x4 kit. I too miss the Luv. I also have had a Mazda p.u., two Dodge Dakota's, and now a Tacoma Prerunner. My friends had some of the early small trucks including a circa '78 Datsun and a '80 Toyota. Those were good trucks.

    Of all the trucks I've had the Tacoma is the best built and best drive (though I wish I had the 4x4). But, like others have said, I really wish we had a true small truck option. Those early small p.u. trucks got great gas mileage that I'd like to get these days, and 99% of the time I don't need the extra size. I'd trade this mid-size Tacoma at 21 mpg for a '80's size Toyota and 33 mpg new truck any day they start making one again. And I don't need all the electronics crap in the cab either. I special ordered my current rig with manual locks and windows and transmission. And I love it this way. I don't need a bunch of extras that are going to break down and cost me big $$$ in repair bills.

    It's a freakin' truck, dangit! It needs to get me to the river and back. With a canopy on it, offer a place to sleep when camping. And, when I need to haul something--from firewood to furniture--do the job it was intened to do when it was designed.

    And it sure as heck better not sell for $50,000. The price should be in the $16,000 range. Add a couple grand for 4x4 and air. If they sell a few million of them the dealers and manufacturers will still get their nut.

    Hope somebody in the auto world is listening to all this free feedback we're giving.

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  8. I agree, but there really isn't much of a market for bare-bones pickup trucks (this forum of tightwads hardly constitutes any sort of market focus group), and there just isn't much profit margin on such a unit. Most people want loaded pickups...they're selling just fine. Not gonna happen, my friend.

    Your best bet is buy the low end, with the minimum cosmetic features, and kept it for way beyond the normal owner cycle by conducting good maintenance. You'll still pay quite a bundle, but you won't be buying one of these pricey gas pigs every couple of years like most yahoos (all yahoos can't seem to live without at least one car payment).

    My last outdoor rig was an 89 Bronco II (basically a Ranger), and I drove it until I bought this 2007 Tacoma...and my son is still driving that Bronco.
  9. Only Ranger that would touch 20mpg was my 1991 4 cylinger and it barely did that. The 3.0 wouldn't touch 20mpg and my 4.0 got 16mpg or so. Never had mechanical problems with these trucks but that kind of mileage for a compact truck is pathetic.

    I really like the Outbacks but make sure you have an extra 3k in the bank for the timing belt at 80,000 and the inevitable head gasket fail at 100-120k.
  10. I paid $2k cash for my 96 Blazer. It's about to roll over 200,000mi, and it's running as well as any rig I've ever owned. Definitely made me reconsider the whole "needing a new vehicle" thing.

    one of my brother's many vehicles is his GMC Canyon. It seems to fit the bill for what a lot of guys here are looking for. Not sure why those or the Colorados really haven't come up in discussion yet.
  11. I guess my old 1982 repaint was a good idean. My wife said you will never get the money out of it. I told her that I wouldn't expect to. It gets 20 MPG city/22 hwy. A little straight 6 /F100. The radio gave out, but the heater works, I know where the carb and coil are located, I can find the dip stick and I keep fluid in the windshield washer. It is not too hard to park in the parking lot at the store. It knows the way to the transfer station and the nursery, and it will pull my boat and trailer and the small utility trailer. It will probably out last me.

    Now if I could just find a place to get rid of the aluminum canopie I took off.
  12. Scrap it out. It's Aluminum for crying out loud. You should be able to get a few pennies for it.
  13. The overall increase in crap on the trucks is a direct result in marketing one-upmanship the auto industry feels it needs to add cup holders then turbo seat heaters then leather stereo knobs or whatever.

    I just don't understand why they don't sell the basic rubber floor mat truck anymore. It fine if someone who has the money wants the toe warmers and the integrated as wipe system but I don't nor will I ever need them. Its also why I will never buy a new car or truck again.
  14. My 98 4L V6 4wd extra cab Ranger just turned 108K and gets 15/21mpg with a combined average of 17-18 when I take at least one trip into the mountains per tank. It's got a CD player, air, cruise and power windows, but everything else is pretty plain. I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off.

  15. My vote is for the Hilux or Hybrid Tacoma if there was such a thing. I'd be the first one to buy one. Too bad the oil thirsty/greedy government is in bed with the domestic auto manufacturers. They fully have the power to source alternative fuel and or more fuel efficient power plants.
  16. Ah but where. I think there is a local yard, but I will have to check it out.
  17. Ive,

    While this has nothing to do with Ivan's original rant, I can totally see him driving one of these.

  18. Kevin, that is a cool looking rig but I bet it would pound your prostate up around your gizzard somewhere! I'll keep looking for a 2008 or later Dakota Club Cab 4X with the 5 speed auto, one owner and low miles. It could happen.

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