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  1. another thing I don't like with new trucks, at least full size trucks....it's damn near impossible to get one with a manual transmission. I think Dodge is the last one to do so.
  2. Ive , your right about that landcruiser. I just sold my FJ40 because my back couldn't take it anymore & the fuel bill was horendous. But it was a bullet proof rig & never left me stranded..
  3. From what I have heard this Global model pickup is 0.9 the size of an existing F150. I'd love to see this here.

  4. 97 ranger gonna turn 308k,hauling the boat this weekend....love it,wife hates it:)
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  5. I had a Mazda B2000 and really liked that truck. Also had a Ford Ranger and like that one too. Then we decided on a larger truck camper and plans for a 5th wheel...so a 2+ year old Cummins 2500 CTD... may decide on one of this class trucks competitors, but doubt I will ever be going back to the wanna-be trucks again...these are just way too comfortable and offer lots of versatility.

    That said, it does seem like the small truck market is lacking these days...
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  6. The problem for the small trucks is that they are truly lacking in any sort of serious trailering capacity....even the Toyota Tundra is really kind of a lightweight as a 'full size' truck, in that respect.

    And, if you're going to actually use the bed of truck for hauling stuff around...the small trucks really don't amount for much. The new Tacoma (which are now as big as the old Tundra) has a pretty small bed. Heavy loads of wood, or building supplies....forget it.
  7. Krusty, you are preaching to the choir. We know small trucks don't do the work of full sized trucks-that's what we like about them. They don't weigh 3 or 4 tons either and they don't gulp disposable income $140 at a time when it's time to fill up. People who haul and tow big loads have always had access to 3/4 and 1 ton trucks to do their bidding. Those of us who just need some room to haul a pontoon, some bicycles or a load of fertilizer bags don't need a $40,000 truck with 400 HP to do that. Our lament is that the manufacturers have neglected us for so long and finally abandoned us altogether. They simply want us to spring for a full sized truck and it's vastly higher profit margin. I have a full sized truck that I towed my 5th wheel with for 16 years and hauled much of the stuff used to develop my property. The building is done, the 5th wheel has been sold and I want a smaller truck to make landfill runs, tow my little trailer and haul a couple of pontoons and get much better mileage. I can't get it unless I buy used and I am just pissed about it.

    Stew, the new Ranger T-6 is a tour de force of pickup engineering. In the truck-off to determine the international pickup of the year award it was a unanimous choice and received more votes than the the next two finishers combined. It is tougher, quieter, rides better, hauls more and tows more than any of it's competitors. It is also more aerodynamic and gets better mileage than the competition. Apparently the rest of the world doesn't see the macho grill and 20'' step-in height as a good thing. It comes with a 2.5L gas engine, a 2.2 TDI 4 cyl engine and a 3.2L 5cyl diesel with 198 hp and a whopping 347lb-ft of torque. This engine gives the truck a 2,600 # load capacity and is rated to tow over 7,300#-not insignificant for a down-sized truck. With a 21 gallon tank the 2.2 is said to have a range of 621 miles although as much as 990 miles have been seen on the odometer before it ran out of fuel. In other words, if you don't drive like an idiot you can go a helluva long way on a single tank of fuel.

    Obviously a truck this good and this efficient would just hammer F-150 sales along with Silverado, Ram, Tundra, Tacoma and a few others. It is a strange case of the best being too good for America. What the hell have we become?

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  8. I still have my BJ70 land cruiser, 13BT diesel engine, 25MPG and yes it still rides rough but the spring suspension seats help a lot.:D
  9. There's a reason you liked the B2000 (same model I owned) it was a Ranger built for Mazda. Most likely it was built in the same plant as the Ranger.

    While we're on the subject of diesels, beware. When it comes to the full size trucks, there have been problems. If you find a F series Ford with a 6.0 diesel engine, run fast, run far... they were plagued with problems.

    The problem with diesel engines in full size pickups is that the engines were not really made for short trips to the grocery store. The addition of emission controls and turbos have caused problems.

    The smaller European diesels are fine, but Cummings and International full size engines... beware. The new F series diesels after the 6.0 have a much better track record but that 6.0 was/is a disaster.

    The pre-emission control full size diesels are okay if you're looking into a used pickup.

    But remember, when it comes to diesels in pickups, they are still made to run long distances and haul, they are not a good computer vehicle.

    The majority of warranty claims I process are for Ford and Dodge diesel engine pickup trucks. They have a long warranty and they need it. While the addition of turbochargers seems like a good idea and they do add power, it is the turbocharger system that has the most problems.

    Jeep is releasing a new model Grand Cherokee with a turbocharged diesel engine but I'm not sure who is making the engine. Now that Fiat owns the company it could very well be an engine made somewhere other than the US and that could be good thing. Using technology for farm equipment and freight trucks to squeeze into a pickup truck hasn't worked out so well.
  10. I had an old Toyota with a 5 sp. It wouldn't die, Great mileage and it was the vehicle i owned the longest. I gave it to my brother:confused: .
    I have a Subaru Forester that gets 25+mpg in the city. I haul my 16' pontoon boat all over the state. The max. towing is around 2700 lbs. I haven't had an issue towing the boat over the passes to the Yakima or Grande Ronde and it will pull out of the sloppy mess at Decker Creek on the noochee. I also ride at Crystal Mnt all season long.
    Since this is an SUV, the utility trailer is such an important accessory/tool.... it can take a beating with any supplies or project material i need, and my forester stays dent free and unscathed. I have a thule shell roof rack that i use for the snowgear, extra space while camping and rods etc.
    I wont go back to a pickup after converting over to an SUV and utilizing the hitch options( trailers, bike rack etc). The forester is plenty big inside, I am 6'4" and 220 lbs. I am happy and cant go wrong with an AWD that seats 4 with pretty darn good MPG.
  11. Peyton, what year is the Forester. I use an '99 Outback for a lot of things. My 3/4 ton GMC for the stuff my Outback won't do.

    I get 20 highway with the Duramax if I keep it at 60 or below, 15 towing stuff.

    24 highway in the Outback doing 70 with normal load.
  12. PT

    2007 forester
  13. Before Obama bought my truck I had it in to the T dealer in Lake City for service. I had a question for the mechanic so they sent him out. Before long we were BSing and I lamented the fact that there were no diesel small truck options. He told me about a Land tCruiser he had just worked on. A European had purchases the car in England I think, for a drive around the world. He drove around over there and had it shipped to Canada. Drove it across Canada and dropped into the US for service. Tha mechanic asked him about the car. He said he kept track crossing Canada and got over 40 MPG. That's a pretty heavy car.
  14. Ive,
    Did you forget? The NEW American Dream? It's NOT a house. It's a vehicle, a cell phone, and maybe a home theater system added. That's how these younger folks can afford it, because they will make those big fat payments that are less than a house payment (the past Amercian Dream). :eek:
    Oh, and by the way, I just put a new fuel pump in my 2003 Dodge diesel for a mere $1000. My mechanic said if it would have been the fuel injector pump, it would have been $3500!! Go figure...greedy damn manufacturers, and greedy fuel corporations....my rant!
  15. Traveling for work in the 80's and 90's fishing and hunting all over the western states I bought a 83 4x4 toyota truck and it never left me anywhere. never had to be towed and I beat it to death but it wouldn't die. I went through a tranny since they were bad in the early models but a lot of the workers bought the early toyota trucks - most reliable trucks ever made with the 22R 4 banger engine.

    Now I am about to turn 400,000 thousand miles on my 94 toyota truck I bought brand new and have beat the hell out of it also. second engine and a couple 523 gear sets in the rearend because of the lift and tires but this truck never had to be towed, small v-6 and has been all over the western states. going to eastern Oregon next week and it will turn 400,000 miles on the trip. most reliable trucks ever built if you ask me! building rail roads in some of the most remote areas of the western US from the Cali deserts to the Canadian border to Nebraska and every little gravel road and mountain range in between if you want reliability and a truck that will get you almost anywhere (they sink in swamps like most trucks) buy a Toyota!

    boise la grande trip 035.jpg
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  16. I use this truck for exactly what Ive mentioned. It sits at home most of the time and only goes to the dump or the river/lake. The mileage is only around 17mpg - but it gets me there and gets me back. It's a 94 Nissan and only has around 120k on it. I can sleep in it in bear country or pack everything I need for several weeks in it. And I don't need a step ladder to get into it.
    I may drive it forever since you can't buy anything like it anymore.

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  17. I agree, cars nowadays for the most part suck.
  18. Reading through this I began to question my F-150. We have two Foresters, a '98 and a 2011. The '98 we bought new and it has around 135k on the clock. I have replaced the head gasket and a few other bits and pieces, but it's been relatively trouble free. It's now my work car since the Mrs. bought herself the 2011.

    I use my truck like a truck but not that often. It's a 2008 that only has 32K on it's clock. The biggest load I haul with it is firewood and a pallet of pressed logs about twice each winter. Other than that I haul fishing and hunting gear, not exactly heavy, but sometimes it takes up a lot of space.

    I did a quick check on the towing capacity of the Foresters and a 2.5ltr will only tow 1500 pounds with a 200 pound tongue weight limit. I could sell the '98 and the F-150 and pick up a low mile 2013 with little or no out of pocket. But...no more hauling a ton of wood or pressed logs. I'd have to borrow or rent for the day. I could get a utility trailer for the gear hauling and the ATV or riding mower. That would be the answer to hauling light but bulky items.

    I'm just not sure that's an answer to a question that I may not have right now. I'm gonna ponder the subject and see what rolls out...
  19. '07 F150 4x4 supercab 5.4 liter. Love this truck. Second F150 4x4 in this config. First one I put 218,000 miles on it and it ran just as good when I traded it as when I bought it. The second one I bought used with just over 6000 miles on for about 12 grand less than new price. It now has 80,000 on it without a hiccup. I have looked at the little trucks and my dog won't fit in the back nor can they pull my boat. I guess I could get by with an SUV but I haul all kinds of crap and having a slobbering, soaking wet, 190 pound newf sharing the seat with you is a bit unpleasant. An economical diesel truck in a configuration similar to the F150 4x4 supercab would be welcome. It would still need to be big enough to haul my dog in the back and pull my boat up a muddy, snow covered launch or it is useless to me.
  20. Gene, Where were you with this advice back when I bought my 2006 1 ton.

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