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  1. Back in October I bought a Chevy Silverado 4X4. I sold my 2000 GMC Jimmy and traded in my 2007 Silverado (2X4). When I was shopping I was also looking at SUVs. What I didn't like about SUVs was if stuff stunk, you smelled it. I could throw in my float tube, but not fit much else. Float tube also blocked my rearview vision. Gas mileage was 16/22. Headroom was so-so. What I liked was that everything could be locked inside. It was easier to drive around town and get into some tight spots parking-wise in town or out fishing. I like the truck because I have good visibility since I'm higher up. Stinky things can stay out of the cab. Float tube fits easily in bed and does not interfere with my rear vision. Truck is less secure at moment as I don't have a tonneau cover or cap, but I'm fine with that for now. Mileage is supposed to be 15/21. the headroom is awesome and I like the quietness and power of my 5.3 liter V8;
  2. Roper, you are getting soooo close to retirement-a paid for low mileage 4X pickup in perfect shape will just be gold when you finally pull the pin. I'd do nothing until the Lazy B is in the rear view mirror. You might want to take some fishing or hunting trips that are several days duration and having a truck to sleep in is a huge plus. With your woodworking skills you can build a camping insert package similar to mine and live in comfort on the road. A really nice utility trailer can be built up for under $750. Other options for retired life are a small travel trailer or a pop up camper similar to a Four Wheel.

    But getting rid of a perfect truck and for some reason needing another one later is an expensive proposition. I read a test today of a 2013 F-150 SuperCab 4X equipped almost exactly like yours. The big difference was it had the Ecoboost engine in it but for the type of driving you do and the loads you carry the 2013 won't do anything better. List price for this thing was $49,835! That is some tall coin for a half ton with a 6 1/2' bed.


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  3. Good points Ive, the major reason I started thinking about it is the Mrs. would like one less vehicle in the driveway and on the insurance bill. Other than that, you're right what's paid for is an asset not to be screwed with.
  4. One more thing in regards to vehicles; gas is cheap. Gas costs less than bottled water. I can put over two gallons of regular in my truck for the cost of a double cheese burger, fries and a shake. That two plus gallons of gas will get me to work and back for most of a week driving my great big, oversized, gas guzzling 4x4 truck.
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  5. Kerry-what the hell kind of bottled water do you drink in Sedro Woolley? If gas was cheaper than bottled water over here it would be $.86 a gallon instead of $3.79.
  6. Kerry's probably drinking that fancy stuff!:p
  7. If I walk into a grocery store and buy bottled water, lets say Aquafina 1 liter/1.05 qt, a common brand. I will pay anywhere from $.99 to $1.99 for a bottle depending on the store. That would be just shy of $4.00 a gallon at the cheapest price. I paid $3.59 a gallon for regular this morning at Costco. Forty cents cheaper.
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  8. Jim's right-you are drinking that fancy stuff! I have a receipt in front of me from last weeks shopping trip that shows I bought a 6 -1 gallon case of spring water for $5.28 or 88 cents a gallon. I would submit that buying a gallon for 88 cents and filling 4 one liter bottles would save you about $3 per gallon and shorten the road to retiremant in the process.

    I will concede though, that if we had to buy our gas in 1 quart plastic containers it would probably cost more like $7.50 a gallon.
  9. I got gas the other day and Paid $3.14.9 a gallon.
  10. Fucking bullshit. Aquafina is about as generic as you are going to get. I guess when I'm on my next fishing trip and need some fucking water I'm going to stop at the store and buy 6 fucking gallons. Fuck me. I make enough money I don't need to resort to fucking cheap ass shit like that and most people arn't going to do what you suggest anyway. Get fucking real.
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  11. Dang, Kerry!:confused: You need to spike that water with somethin'..... I'm just saying'....;)

    If you ever make it down to the beach here, bring a jug. My tap water is pure and is not treated with chlorine. I've invested in stainless water bottles, and sometimes carry a water filter, for when I run out of Grayland water..
  12. I get my water from my own well. I actually take a half gallon of it to work with me each day so I don't have to drink the bottled water they provide. Tasteless, lifeless crap.

    My point was gas is basically cheap. So cheap I have heard people can make 80 mile round trips to the grocery store every 10 days while on a fixed income. If gas wasn't cheap I bet you they would move closer to the grocery store.
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  13. Wish we were getting off that easy. My wife must make ten trips in ten days at around 15 miles round trip.
    I don't know why she can't get it all in one trip...I think she just does it for the drive.
  14. Mark,
    After many, many years my '85 Toy 4X PU is still rolling strong at 445+K. (2nd motor) It doesn't want to quit , but I would not take it on extreme long trips anymore. Still gets 20+ mpg hiway if I keep it down to 60.
    These old beaters have much going for them. Simple and easy to work on. Not much chance of being stolen. Driving through brush and ugly terrain doesn't matter as the "cherry" cosmetics went south a long time ago.
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  15. That is what i miss most about my old Toyota truck, I ran that thing thru hell and back. It never let me down. The scratches added character.
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  16. There is an Artesian well in Conway that I get my water for free, not sure it is free 5 miles round trip at 16 MPG, It's been there since I was a kid and still putting out Nice sweet water. There use to be one on the way up to Devils Lake but now the road is gated.

  17. I've been looking at trucks lately, especially the F150s. I have a 18' i/o family runabout that weighs 3500 with the trailer (no brakes on the trailer), and a 14' drift boat. My Honda Odyssey will tow the DB no problem, it's the unpaved part from the road to the water that has messed me up. I also need people space for at least 5 so the extra cabs and super crews are pretty tempting. They already meet my rear seat leg-room test. I can sit back there with the driver's seat adjusted to where I would be when I'm driving.
  18. In Portland we just drink it right out of the tap! best dam City water in the country. besides pure well water. Not the well water where you need a shower, after your shower and leaves you smelling like sulfur.
  19. That's where I'm blessed. My well is tapped into an artesian spring. Our water comes out perfectly pure at the tap (and has been tested several times). I'm truly blessed, since everyone around me has water full of iron. But my well is the original well tapped back in 1900 when house was originally built (original windmill still sits over the well, but has an electric pump now). I use my water for most things now.

    I can agree with Kerry. Some of the cheaper water is just that, cheap. Unless you fill your water bottles at the Crystal Springs machines at the stores (usually a couple bucks for 5 gallons).
  20. I have a Seabeck deep aquifer well, 389' deep (serves 6) that you all (and Kerry) would die for! It is the best!

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