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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Clint F, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. I was wondering why more and more gear caught fish pictures are being posted in the gallery?:mad: I visit this site because I dont want to see gear caught fish and I thought the name WFF ment that I found a place where I would see no more gear caught fish pictures. I thought that was for the gear forums?:confused: Chris, Just an idea but could we maybe have a section for gear fishing since there are a few members on here that do, so that I dont get mad every time I see them.:beathead: Could we give them their own little world on here even though there are many websites out there for gear guys so we dont make them feel left out?

    Just my thoughts.

  2. There's no need to get mad about seeing gear caught fish, but I do understand your point and agree that this site is for fly fishing.
  3. You can't give gear heads their own section.This is a fly fishing site.If we give in on this when do we start a baking section?Surely we must have a section devoted to Faberge eggs.Can we really call this a fly fishing site without a section for vegetarians and peta?
  4. We post pictures of all sorts of stuff on here, whether is ducks, dogs, cars, boats, rod building, scenic views, fly rods, reels, fish, fly caught fish, CP caught fish, fly rod and jig caught fish, spin rod caught fish, drunk people at the hoh down, either way its not just fly caught fish on this site. I dont think we need to make rules about what kind of fish people can and cant post. But that is just my opinion, maybe its the minority.
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    Go Red Sox,
  6. who cares if someone caught a fish on a float and jig or on a nymph under an indicator? its the same thing anyways....
  7. I understand guys, I dont mind the talk of hunting and what not but if I wanted to talk about and see gear caught fish dont you think I would go somewhere else? It was just an I dea and want to see what others think or if I am alone.
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  9. Clint, while I understand your aversion to gear caught fish, I wouldn't advocate a separate section for those we don't agree with. Being a C&R guy, non-hunter etc.... I don't like to see dead fish, dead fowl, dead deer etc... but that is just me.
  10. I have to agree, this is a fly fishing site. Have no problems with what guys put in thier personal online albums but the gallery should be a place of honor when it comes to steelhead pics. This is out of respect for the guy who perhaps waited years to post his first fly caught steelie or the ones who may still be waiting to post their first.

  11. Thanks guys for the comments, keep them coming. Again, I just think there are plenty of gear sites to post your pictures of gear caught fish they really dont belong here. If you really dont know of any or cant find some, send me a pm and I will steer you in the right direction.

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    we don't need no STEENKING chucker pix.

    not that there's anything wrong with that;)

  13. I am a member on pretty much all sites locally regarding fishing but prefer the gallery/forums on this site due to the fact, I have been on here longer, I know more people on this site, and I generally like the feel of this site over the others. There are plenty of people that fish with both fly rod and gear on this site. I dont think its right to tell them that they cant post pics of the fish they happen to catch one week with gear versus the next week they caught with a fly rod. You dont have to look at them if you dont want to.
  14. I'm not adding a section in the gallery for gear, but don't expect those on the site should have much of an issue with the occational gear photo either as it's not the norm. Haven't had much of an issue thus far with 28k photos and counting. Anymore, if you don't like a photo it'll be out of view pretty pretty quickly anyway. 33 photos uploaded today, which is more than than average given the site was offline a bit, but isn't too much more than the daily average.

  15. Why is it that fly fisherman always bitch about gear fisherman, seldomly the other way around? Im not arguing as I like to come here to talk about fly fishing, I will talk about gear fishing on other sites that Im on, but to bitch about a stray pic of a gear caught steelhead once in a while? I dont make gear fishing topics but Ive posted a couple pics of steelhead caught on pins in my personal gallery, big deal. So its a different kind of rod and reel. Theres is pretty much no difference than me throwing a float and pink worm set up with my pin than one roll casting an indicator set up with splitshot tacked all over it with a glo bug, glue egg, bead....ect My jigs I tie take 10 times more effort to tie than a glo bug let alone a bead. I enjoy this site much more than others as I feel that people on here are very friendly and have a lot of knowledge to offer.

    I hate discussing the whole gear vs. fly thing as its pathetic for one to steryotype one fisherman from another, we all do it for the same reason and that is to step out of reality and enjoy catching such fish that our area has to offer. I think I am done venting.....:)

  16. That's funny cuz it's true. I've found out about some secret creek stretches with piggy browns and other stuff from gear guys, locals even, that I'm sure can spot me as a wetsider from a mile away. It's funny how close-mouthed we all are about secret spots and all, and many of them seem to be like "screw it it's just fishin'." Totally unassuming about the whole thing - just different. Just an observation from a closed-mouth elitist sack o' ####. ;)
  17. I thought there was a new rule about not hoisting fish out of the water, I guess a few people here and the Seattle times just don't get it. :beathead:
  18. I guess some people are fish porn purists.
  19. I agree with Jake.

    I consider myself a fisherman. Not a gear fisherman or a fly fisherman, just a fisherman. It's all good...
  20. so if i catch a massive fish with a spinning rod and want to post a pic of it on the web would it be ok to stick a fly in its mouth. i'll promise to make it a perfect lip hook and get the lighting just right. or i'll keep it in the water for a pic then throw it in the cooler. im just kidding i don't really ever like the taste of most fish im all for catch and release.

    remember to take a kid {fly} fishing :D

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