Pictures of gear caught fish?

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  1. I can appreciate that approach Anil. For me personally, I don't own any rods that aren't fly rods and have no interest in them so I am more excited to see images and hear reports from like minded anglers. As I mentioned earlier, it isn't anything against how others choose to fish but when a specific community begins to become heavy with non specific, in this case fly angling, posts, I begin to turn my attentions elsewhere.
  2. Yep I agree totally. I can't believe there are threats being made just because someone likes to fish. wow.

  3. Everyone has a past. Everyone has a skeleton here or there.
    I hope to have birthday cake with Coach Duff.
    I like Gary Thompson's approach, Anil's approach and many others. Fish how you want. Judge who you want. Move on. Now thirteen pages, a very interesting and emotionally charged 13 pages.

  4. Coach, That first paragraph taught me alot and I appriciate it. As for the third paragraph you couldnt have said it better. This will be my first summer guiding and I have a lot to learn ahead of me.

  5. OMFG, you girls still at this, what a bunches of silly bitches. :beathead:

    "I love to fly fish, I hate flyfishermen" :D
  6. Everybody post a picture of their balls, and then we'll let everyone decide whose are biggest!
  7. Clint, yes there's a good lesson to learn from CD in his post if you're thinking about guiding but it's not the obvious one about conservation. Hope you're paying attention and good luck this summer. Guiding can be a blast.

  8. What a thread! Phew.

    So I have no real problem with seeing an occasional gear caught fish on this site, but I can certainly understand why some people do. What I do have a problem with is the notion that it's all fishing, it doesn't matter how it's caught, why label it, its just for fun... blah blah blah.

    It certainly is all just fishing, but if that's the case then why not just make this board, and lose the label? I sought this board out because it was FLY FISHING. It's a special type of fishing that I come here to discuss. I have nothing against other methods, I simply choose to fly fish because I think it's fun. Period.

    I'm getting really sick and tired of people in this country getting all butt hurt when they are somehow excluded. It's perfectly fine to have a site dedicated to fly fishing and fly fishing only, and I just don't get the sense of posting pictures of gear caught fish. I agree with Salmo, that's just not logical. I wouldn't go to a Seattle Mariners forum and start discussing the Mets simply because "it's all baseball". That line of thinking baffles me.

    Just my 2 cents after a few Crown Royals on a Friday night. The pictures don't offend me in any way, and I have nothing against gear fishing, but ultimately I just don't think this is the place for that stuff.

  9. I joined this board to be able to talk about fly fishing. If you guys want to post or talk about other fishing styles, why not go to another board ... ? I mean, as many ppl said, this is washington FLY fishing, right ... ?
  10. Ok, one thing most people don't seem to grasp is this site ISN'T just flyfishing. The name may say one thing, but doesn't mean it's all flyfishing 24/7. There's nothing wrong with discussing other methods, etc. We have a hunting area, NFR topics. Hell, people talk about fishing OUTSIDE Washington state (no, not pointing at you Coach, I mean also topics about Idaho, OR, MT and beyond). Nothing wrong with diversity, as long as the board has it's focus.

    Prime example, other board I work on is a specialty board. Guess what? We talk about salmon, sturgeon, beachcombing, cooking, etc. It's not just fishing for steelhead. It's like hanging with people and all you talk about is one thing. Even a hardcore person should have some other likes. Just focusing on one thing constantly can get boring fast. I enjoy Wadin' boots stories (though fishing related, it's a story not constructive fishing based matter). I enjoy Mingo's newest avatars. Love Old Man's rants.

    Look outside the box a bit. Diversity is good. Of course it's flyfishing based. But nothing wrong with getting advice on other things. Alot of flyfisherman do fish gear occasionally. And, a fish is a fish. Though it may be caught on gear, nothing wrong with sharing a special moment in someones fishing career. There are alot of misc. pics on here that arent' flyfishing. I haven't heard crap about that yet. And I know, I'm a mod and I get the alerts if something is amiss. I posted pics up of my waffle irons. Nobody has alerted us about those non fishing pics on here. I'd say it doesn't belong by the "it's not flyfishing" angle alot on here are spouting.
  11. Right on Jerry...and what the hell about all the baseball and football threads? Damn music threads?..I think everyone here has participated on one of these non-fly fishing thread topics at one time or another.
  12. The amount of time I have spent looking at the gallery compared to the discussion board would statistically be zero. But that might change if I knew there was a "hot girl" section.

    I would never post a picture of a gear-caught fish on this site nor provide a report when using gear. For one, I don't know how to post pictures. :rofl:

    Secondly, I understand this would not be the best place to do so, since its Washington Flyfishing, even though there would be plenty of anglers who would appreciate a nice picture of a nice fish regardless of the method used (even a gillnet). Do I care if others post non-fly caught fish here? Certainly not.

    I exclusively flyfish for trout because I enjoy it the most and am typically more sucessful with that method than any other.

    Do I feel the same for steelhead? No, because I have not reached the point in my life where I want to handicap myself with solely fishing a fly for steelhead. I need to see live steelhead in my life, whether caught by me, by someone else, or at a fish weir and want to give myself the best chance to see a steelhead. If I could consistently catch a couple of steelhead on every trip with the fly, then thats what I'd probably do. But since current steelhead numbers preclude that from occurring, I choose the best legal fishing technique that will give me the best chance of seeing a live steelhead. Sometimes that is flyfishing but more often than not, its gear fishing.
  13. iagree Good post.
  14. LOL, are you kidding me Razorjack and Jason? OMG, I'm rolling here. We do the comparsion you're talking about. You just have a BAD example. Having a Seattle Mariners board would be the same as WFF. Talking about the Mets would be like us talking about flyfishing in Montana, Oregon, etc. Now, if you'd said someone talking about the Seahawks, that would be closer to accurate (we could get alot closer to comparisons if we said one was NFL vs CFL, both football but games a bit different). But you get my point. Competing states. You hear guys talk about how much better fishing is in Montana over Washington. Washington may be your team and you love it, but they are probably right about trout fishing. You defend your "state" though you know as of now they have the better fishing season.

    But, like I said. On my steelheading board, we've discussed rooster fish, marlin fishing, etc. Haven't heard a complaint one. I've seen NFR posts (PLAINLY non flyfishing) about cars, sports teams, etc. Why hasn't there been more of an uproar about that? Which, some people have when it gets to crowded with NFR's. But funny that some who bitch about gear pics etc have openly posted on NFR posts.
  15. iagree

    I scrolled/read through 13 pages of this shit looking for pictures of a gear caught fish and... nothin'! Damn.:rolleyes:
  16. Ignore the baseball part. I meant all the other stuff that was said.

  17. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Ok. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  18. I think we should ban pictures of fish caught at Rocky Ford:clown:
  19. :rofl:

  20. and rufus woods, the definition of pond monkeys! :rofl:

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