Pictures of gear caught fish?

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  1. This is a very interesting excerpt that got me thinking a little bit. In that first sentence, Coach Duf refers to himself as a "man" as in "hey you, don't shit talk to a man." Here are a few questions I will ponder this evening.

    1.) In am in my mid thirties, I am a 6'4" tall heterosexual, can grow a nice beard, have fully developed and operational male genitalia, am in pretty good shape and quite handsome as well (the male pattern baldness isn't helping but oh well.) Does this make me a man?
    2.) I have been flyfishing for 20 years now (I have to admit that I can catch fish with the best of them) and havn't touched bait or gear (except to help out my 4 year old son catch fish in local stocker ponds) for as long as I can remember. Does this make me a man?
    3.) I am really good at my job, does this make me a man?
    4.) The other day a guy ran into my car and barely scratched the door inadvertantly at the gas station. I ran after him and got in his face about it and yelled at him as he was driving away (he probably felt threatened by me and apologized as we figured things out). Does this make me a man?
    5.) I later felt really embarrassed by the way I had acted. Does this make me less of a man?
    6.) If that guy had gotten out of his car and beat the stew out of me, would that have made me less of a man?

    When I think about a good example of a "man" I think of my dad. Here are some examples
    1.) A business venture he was involved in went south and everyone but my dad declared bankruptcy, it took him 10 years, but he paid everything back that he had borrowed. That I think was pretty darn manly.
    2.) He would take us out on excursions to do things like heading out to national forest land and cutting down a tree for firewood. I noticed that he worked like a fiend and loaded my 6 year old arms up with as much wood as I could carry back to the pickup - I wanted to work like a fiend too. My brother and I used to run a lawn service in high school and he would help us out from sun up to sun down on Saturdays after putting in crazy hours at work that week. I remember him being pretty manly on days like that.
    3.) I remember my dad cleaning and scrubbing the house when my mom was tired and always doing the dishes after dinner without saying a word....pretty manly.
    4.) I remember many times when some idiot did something stupid to him like cut in line at the hardware store but it was a situation where he was not backed into a corner. He didn't even react. Stuff like that seems pretty manly to me now.
    5.) I remember one of my sister's friends in highschool showed up at our house. He had been drinking (my dad never touches a drop) and was obnoxious as anyone you would ever meet. One look at that kid and one would think he was headed nowhere fast. My dad invited him in and chatted cordially with him despite extremely egotistical, uninformed and stupid comments that were being made by him and invited him fishing a few weekends later, that kid had an amazing turn around as a result. Again, manly.
    6.) He was really good at his job - at least that's what his coworkers would tell me when I visited his work and he wasn't around-but never talked about it. Manly?

    I know this post is cheesy central (although quite cathartic), but I am grateful to a few on this board for the little wake up call on what kind of man I want to be for my kids and others who are watching that I could be a potential influence manly influence on.
  2. lol Splitting hairs here Jerry. My point, weak as it might be, is that this is a specialized board and I can understand why people don't want that specialization to be watered down. Perhaps my baseball example wasn't the strongest, but like I said I had several Crown's last night and wasn't quite on top of my game. lol Still, I think the point is there. I'm not against gear fishing, hell I'm not even against gear fishing info on this site... All I'm saying is that I can understand if people do have a problem with it.

    I have never actually seen a gear caught fish on this site, but I don't spend much time in the gallery either. However, I have noticed that whenever there is an off topic post on the forums, it's labeled "NFR". I assume this is to give people who are looking for only fishing conversation to ignore that thread. Perhaps there is a way to do something like that for a gear caught picture so those that dont' wish to see it could simply move on? I dunno, just a thought.

  3. LOL Nick. I thought I had a valid point on your comparison. Wasn't splitting hairs, I was making a good observation.

    Actually, I had put that NFFR in my post. But, if they're holding the fish legally and it's a nice pic, what's the big deal really? I know it's not flyfishing, but in areas where I need a lure deep and no bait allowed, I've backtrolled flies on a baitdiver. Talk about nailing some steelhead that way where I wouldn't have been able to get my fly down (30' deep hole and a short slot). Worked great. If I'd taken a pic of the fish, you'd seen a fly with what looked like a tippet coming from it's mouth. Not sure how you'd know if it was gear caught, unless the rod is in the pic or the say so.

    Here's one thing for you to consider too. Was the pic on their album, or posted to the board? As in, was it put into a thread? Did you think that some people may not be that computer literate to have a photobucket, or attach a pic to an email. But can use the photo upload here at WFF. They put one in their picture album. You went into THEIR album to look at it. If that's the case, why bitch? Not like they publically said "Hey, come look at my fish pic". Now, I know the system will show recently uploaded pics, but like anything, if you don't like it don't look at it. Sure there are some that hate Mingo's avatars (who I'm not sure) but only takes a second to scroll past it. Hell, my wife thinks his avatars are classic.

    But saying you understand why people would have a problem with it. Almost ANYTHING said you could find someone who could find a problem with it. Called opinions or beliefs. We all have them, and they usually don't all mesh. I have a problem with people who seem to think flyfishing is the epitome of all fishing styles. I have a people who mock other methods when truthfully they don't know them as well as they claim (and I can tell by how they describe them). People just need to relax and let it go. So far, I've just been pleasantly amused by all the posts (not once have I truly been mad or angry on my response posts, all have been done in humor or sarcasm). Some people just need to shut up and fish (which is what I wish I was able to do more lately, but have been spending all my spare time fixing flood damage to my property).
  4. CD is not a DS. He likes to bring out true colors in others. Jerry hits the point dead on..period.
    Why this country is so one makes you do anything ...why this country is not so great...because everyone wants there personal belief/judgement/opinion (yes that is all it is..!) implemented and carried out in some way to the every day functioning life of us so called Americans. It can not be done and never will...some one will always be offended. This is really really really really a great site :) ....let's none get hung up on this ....we need to have good times and progress forward.

    Where's Roper and his latest kill of birds? :clown:
  5. ^^^^^^^
    Casts vote for worst thread ever.

    Can't believe I came back and read more of it... I need to get out and fish.
  6. Seriously people why take offense over a photo that someone wanted to share with everyone? Fish porn is fish porn regardless of the method it was caught.We are all members here because we share the passion of the art of Fly Fishing and to gain more knowledge of fly fishing.

    To knock on someone that post a none fly fishing topic, to share ones experience in succeeding in actually catching fish (regardless his/her preference of gear) or turn a thread into a pissing match.....(imo) is tasteless, disheartening and rude. Get of your high horses people!
  7. Your point on my comparison was certainly valid, but I still believe it was splitting hairs. My point was simply why go to a fly fishing site to post non fly caught fish? Why go to one team's forum to talk about another team? Why go to a hip hop club if you listen to heavy metal? etc. etc. etc. Trust me man, I am not at all above using gear. The majority of my life has been spent chasing steelhead with Mepps spinners. And as I said before I really couldn't care less about the pictures. Fish porn is fish porn to me, no matter how it's caught. However I still support the argument that people come here because it is a fly fishing forum. Not a fishing forum, not a steelhead forum, not a fish forum....But fly fishing forum. As such, if someone coming to a fly fishing forum doesn't enjoy seeing gear caught fish, well even if I don't have the same problem, I can understand their frustration.

    I do very much agree that people need to relax and not worry about such trivial matters. I too wish I was able to get out and fish more, and am working on rectifying this problem. Going to go hit the lake I live on tomorrow. Sorry to hear about the flood damage. This has been an expensive winter for many.

  8. JE - sounds like you are a man raised well by another man.
    Nick - are you a closet gear chucker or plunker? You running a trot line at Lake T yet?
  9. Hell, at least I haven't run into any dynamite caught fish in the gallery. It aint so bad ever since Saddam got banned or parked...
  10. I went fishing today and am still looking at it. :beathead:
  11. Waiting for your report so there's something better to read :D
  12. I would but the fish werent caught on flies, wouldnt want anyone to get offended. :clown:
  13. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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