Pictures of gear caught fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Clint F, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. OOps that was you with the worm caught steel. I was hopping you wouldnt read this.:eek::eek::eek:
  2. And we wonder why these fish are going to disappear soon......
  3. have another drink friend...:beer2:
  4. Sorry, I am under aged and dont drink. Or else I would.
  5. +1
  6. I don't look at the gallery much, but I don't recall seeing many gear-caught fish on it. Those who post their gear catches on this site are probably fly anglers as well, so I'd say their pics have a place here. Those fish may not have been caught on a fly, but they were caught by a member of this forum.
    The majority of the info shared here isn't specific to one type of fishing. General locations, boats, waders, reading water, fish biology, conservation, fishing politics, trucks...none of that is limited to flyfishing.
    Anyway, I have a long day of throwing spoons tomorrow. I'll be looking for one of these...
  7. Shocking.
  8. Well shit, I'll have a drink for both of you guys. There are some really good posts on both sides of things. I agree with both opinions for the most part...(as someone that has switched from the darkside to see the light). I don't feel the need to bash or call out someone that posts a gear caught rish...but this site was meant for the fly fishermen of the state of washington.

    With this being said, I agree with Chris S. for the most part. Hardly anyone posts pictures of gear caught fish on here and for the short period of time that they are up I can deal with them.

    Lets not all bitch about this forever bc I know we could...but lets respect each other and acknowlege eachother's talents whether it be with a fly or gear. Hope everyone see's this as a friendly debate instead of getting butthurt.

  9. I started out as a worm fisherman. Went to gear and now to flies. I don't give a rats ass how anybody fishes. Just as long as they don't leave their garbage laying around for others to pick up. As for pictures, I don't care as they are just pictures. You can't eat them or play with them.

  10. Because of pink worms under float...? There are quite a few bigger problems facing steelhead than this.
  11. No, because people are scared of a pink worm under a float, and waster their time worrying about a fish picture that has a jig in it's mouth instead of a wooly bugger, rather than putting this effort into protecting the fish. It is going to take more than fly fisherman to ever have an impact on protecting steelhead.
  12. Damn good point.
  13. Do you think some of us are still reeling from the affect of the site being down? We need to keep plugging in some humor here. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  14. You have an excellent point but it seems totally different than what people are arguing here.

    Remember, as long as you call "it" fly fishing, fly fishing is something different. Nobody can truly define where fly fishing ends and gear fishing begins but they are surely different. It was easier to define the difference just 15 years ago and I will explain how I see it:

    I graviated towards fly fishing in the early 90s because it seemed to have an aesthetic that wasn't based on catching dinner. A lot of fly anglers don't realize this but in the last like 15 years, the whole dynamics of gear fishing has changed even more than fly fishing. The gear fishermen who used to be on the river were mostly there to slay some slabs and eat them. Nowadays most gear guys are just as careful at releasing a native as fly guys were back than, they are now c&r fishermen as well targeting fish they know they cannot retain. Inversely, fly angling has dramaticaly changed from being a "who cares about the numbers" type gig to a "look at all the steelhead I caught and it was on a fly type gig". I feel like this is more in the olde school gear vein of showing a stringer of 30 trout. Many fly anglers who taught me what I know still have a HUGE stigma against bringing a camera with you fishing every time you go. Most of these guys do not have many pics of their steelhead but have caught maybe thousands.

    In summary, there is a difference between fly fishing and gear fishing, it is getting harder to tell what it is every day that goes by, but I feel like the fact that we call ourselves fly fishermen, means something is up.

    I really don't get guys that feel like it is all the same and what not. That is just horseshit IMO. If it is all the same than why the fuck are you wasting your time casting flies while gear anglers catch much more steel? How much more? FUCKING SHIT TONS MORE!

    If you think there isn't any difference, go read Trey Combs' books. They will make you proud to be a fly angler for steelhead and prouder to be a shameless fly nerd.
  15. I come here to hang out with and talk flyfishing. I used to catch steelhead on nightcrawlers when I was a boy in the Green. By the way, for all of you newbs that think steelhead are so technical to catch, they aren't and never have been. There just aren't any of the damn things left. I progessed to flyfishing soon after and have never fished gear again. I don't give a shit about gear caught steelhead pics, and I don't even let spinning rods into my boats. Never have, never will. I have nothing against gear, and my boys who are 12 and 3 toss spinning rods, but that's about it. Somenhow in the last decade, partially due to their endangered status, partially to good marketing and somewhat to population growth, all of a sudden it became really important to land a steelhead in your life. (That is about the same time the bobbers were busted out in earnest with beads and flyrods and other shit and spey rods became a must have piece of gear). Before that, we veterans used to go days without seeing anybody out there gear or fly in winter. We would run into each other, but that's about it. We were fucking crazy they said, and what's the big deal about steelhead? If they are in the river they aren't hard to hook, shit they're just rainbow trout. Nowadays, they are much more important to young fly anglers and I understand why as I stated above. There just aren't alot of them left, and for pete's sake, they are the greatest gamefish that swims. Keep fishing hard boys, whether it be swing, gear or bobbers and flyrods. Alot of the gear pics I see these days are guys yelling, "Look at me! I landed a steelhead!" I think that's great, I really do and am happy for them and look foward to seeing those pics of gear landed steelhead............ ON A FUCKING GEAR SITE. KEEP WFF FLY! Tight lines and go get em! The Coach
  16. This is dumb, Like Jergens said. Spend this energy on saving you fish because there aren't many left. And I hate close minded snobs, that why they aren't allowed in my boats.
  17. They'll always be something to bitch about I guess. Like others have said, put the bitching toward protecting fish, not complaining about how one was caught.
  18. Well personally I know I enjoyed looking @ a nicely C&R 29 lb. Hoh buck hooked on....OMG!!!!!! bobber-dogged eggs.

    Over a spey pride fly caught +30 lb. dead as a doornail Hoh buck hoisted sky high thru the gills.

    But hey that's me, I'm just weird that way.

  19. You guys still don't get it.

    This isn't about a problem with gear.

    It is about a problem with gear caught fish on a fly fishing site.

    I have a mountain of gear rods, but I would never post a pic on this site of a fish I caught with them.

    I fish with gear fishermen all the time, most of the time, I have no problem with their setups, and they post their pics on a gear fishing site, not here.

    If you guys really think that fly fishing is elitist, and have a problem with that, why are you here?

    I think some of us want to keep fly fishing, fly fishing, I don't see why that is elitist.

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