Pictures of gear caught fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Clint F, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. I get it.

    Just happen think a nicely composed fish pic is enjoyable to look @, if you can't see the gear rod in the background or the bait/hardware hanging out the mouth then post em.

    If you can see the gear, then post it @ your own purple peril. [​IMG]

  2. It still isn't a fly caught fish!

    What I am getting at is why the fuck does anybody fly fish if they really think a gear caught fish is the same?

    It isn't about what is in the fish's mouth, or the gear hidden from the eye of the camera, it is about the self imposed challenge of fly fishing.

    I know in my heart that when I catch a steelhead on a swung fly on the Skagit that I have struck gold. It is an amazing feeling and it can't be captured by a camera. That is why I fly fish steelhead. That is why many guys do it, many of which admit that they used to catch tons of steelhead on gear.

    Check my gallery, see how many pics I have there? The point isn't fish porn, it is to catch a steelhead using fly angling methods. That is why fly fishing is called fly fishing.

  3. Yeah, what happened to the pic of the "20lbr" out of the water that was in your gallery?
  4. I got rid of it because of all the hate mail. I didn't even know about that law at the time. I think it is funny, those 2 pics of that fish took less than 8 seconds and so many people shit a load about it.

    The reason I posted that fish was because it was the first massive steelhead I ever caught and I wanted to share it. In fact at that time I didn't even carry a camera with me, that is why the shots were taken on my buddy's cell phone.

    My point was I don't post pics of every fish I catch. Many of the best fishermen here don't post squat.
  5. This place is called Washington Fly Fishing. I don't understand the mentality of anyone posted a picture of a fish they caught on anything other than a fly. That is contrary to logic. I would no more post a picture of a steelhead I caught on bait or lure than I would post a picture of a steelhead I caught in a gillnet, not that I have any photos of either type.

    There's a place for everything, and everything in its place.

    Jason (HBW) is young and therefor has a short memory, but he sees the clear distinction between fly fishing and bait and lure fishing for steelhead. It's the difference in being satisfied with a lower catch rate in order to achieve that satisfaction under the self-imposed handicap of fly fishing for them. This of course is limited to fishing unweighted flies without bobbers or indicators, since these modifications attain much of the significant advantage of gear fishing.

    Anyone who needs to catch a steelhead doesn't go about it by fly fishing unless their need is all about catching it on a fly, rather than by whatever method is likely to be most effective. I know a lot of bait and gear steelhead fishermen, including Stam who is referred to in posts above. Every last one of them "needs" to catch fish. Because they need to, they use gear and techniques and their own highly developed skill to catch a lot of steelhead.

    If I "needed" to catch a steelhead, I'd do exactly what they do. Instead it's more important, and more satisfying, to me to catch whatever steelhead I do catch, and it ain't been many lately, by fly fishing. This begets the question of what makes fly fishing for steelhead more satisfying. There are two parts for me. One is that the act of fly fishing is more art-like than the mechanical approach of spin fishing, so I enjoy the time I spend fly casting and fishing. The second part flows from the first. I've used spinning and bait casting gear to angle for steelhead, and it's a lot of fun - - as long as I'm hooking up every 20 minutes or so. But gear fishing all day and getting skunked or having very little action is very dis-satisfying to me. Since most of a steelheading day, regardless of method, is spent "not catching steelhead," but searching and hunting for them, I'd rather spend all that time that is "not catching steelhead" by fly fishing for them.

    Getting back to the photo gallery, I think I have exactly zero steelhead photos posted. I used to take photos of the steelhead I caught, but they were mostly dead fish. And the photos are ugly. It rarely occurred to me to take pictures of live fish being released, especially since it's a pain in the ass when fishing alone. Until digital, I didn't often have a camera with me when I fished. Even then I usually release fish without taking any photos. Count me among those who remain unimpressed with what the afficianados call "grip n grin" shots, but I've long known them as "hero shots." I never saw anything heroic in hoisting a fish out of the water for a picture that silently says, "look at me and what I caught!" Yet, some of the gear guys on that other forum have a saying that, "pics, or it didn't happen." To that claim I have only one logical answer, "who's problem is that? Not mine."

  6. Well, I fish both ways & don't see squat between the two. I just like to fish, perhaps I'm the anomaly here.

    Example: Let say you & I are fishing a bar on a low & clear Skagit in March, you are out front w/ your 9' single handed 8 wt. swinging a dark fly on a sink tip. I'm batting clean-up with my 9' Sage 290 drift rod 10 lb. main to a 4' fluoro 8 lb. leader dark M-Series Aerofly above my black size #1 hook.

    I'd say you have as good a shot as me of hooking up
  7. Chrome/22,

    You can say that, but you'd be wrong. Under the specific conditions you describe, yes, HBW would have an excellent chance of hooking up, and you'd have a somewhat better chance because lead makes a significant difference in presentation. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any point in having you bat clean-up, would there?

  8. Perhaps, but with a short leader his sink tip would act a lot like the small slinky I'd be fishing.

  9. Critical differences, that slinky will effectively fish the dead drift as well as the swing; the sink tip fishes the swing. Two distinctly different ways of fishing.

  10. You are 100% correct that the odds are close in the scenario and that is why there are so many fly anglers on the Skagit.

    But, I can tell you that there are rivers that show lots of love for gear setups and very little for swingers. Rivers such as the Nooksack. Rivers that are low, clear, fast/slow seams, deep, cold.

    Those rivers I am reaching for my gear rod more and more. Ironically I would rather cast a jig/float on a gear rod anyday over a fly rod.
  11. Salmo, on a long featureless 2-3' deep bar there is no dead drifting, all you have @ the end of your swing is the dangle, & a bug can dangle.

    HBW, your talking jig/float rod over a fly/strike indicator rig ? Yep, my buds & I have had this same discussion at nauseum. I agree on all the same points as you stated above.

  12. Because they are usually laughing at us as they are headed to the truck with a couple of nice fish....:D
  13. Because it's fun.

    I think the better question (directed to the OP), is any of this really worth getting all butthurt about? I can think of better things to express nerd rage over than the occasional gear rod in the gallery.
  14. I think everyone needs to go have a big poop and then come back and see if their attitude has changed. Really now, you have a 3 year old holding a fish out of the water on another thread. Why don't we all go rant about that for a while and let this one soak for a bit before making a decision.
  15. iagree
    Great advice Milt Roe!
  16. I have to agree with the Coach on this one.
  17. Good answer!

    I don't think anybody here is butthurt at all. This is a very interesting discussion. I think about this stuff all the time.

    I am a fishing nerd, this is what I care about.

    I thought this was an interesting discussion about fly fishing and gear fishing and the differences.

    This is a question that has been around forever and will never have an answer.

    What is wrong with debating it?

    I think the only guys that are "butthurt" are the ones who don't care. If you don't care than don't partake.
  18. Go read the first post. OP was clearly butthurt :)
  19. If this site starts becoming peppered with steelhead caught with gear shots, and 75% of us disappear and go somewhere else, ask Scoones how unimportant or insignificant this post is............. :hmmm: Coach

    Like I said, fish however you want legally, when ever you want, but don't expect a flyfisherman to give two shits about your gear caught steelhead. I personally don't believe in bobber fishing with a flyrod, but that is how I fish, it is no indictment of anyone who does. If it's legal and fun, go get em I say. And no, fishing a slinky and a swung sink tip are not the fucking same. How complex is this? The slinky can be literally stopped in one place with proper maniuplation of the thumb on a baitcaster, while the tip must swing all the way through completion. If the tip stops the fly rises in the water column, if the slinky stops the bait can be kept in the strike zone. This ability to stop and start the drift of the slinky or with a noodle rod the dink float and the jig or bait below it, gives the gear fisherman a decided advantage in keeping the bait in the zone. The fly must be presented with vision on where the swing should begin and with the execution of mends, how deep. Too many mends can kill the fly, too little can leave a winter flyrodder swinging in water far above the fish. Some water just swings the fly like we need it to with the proper tip and that is the money water. A gear fisherman does not spend weeks looking for that water as his/her gear gets deep faster and can be mainipulated immediately. They can step in to various pieces of water and with the right slinky, or tubed weight system get at fish in any water from shallow tailouts to deep "King Holes". This is an obvious advantage to the gear fisherman. The gear fisherman gets "bottom" immediately and with reel manipulation keeps it longer in the zone than the fly. Add the use of various scents, on jigs or in the scented use of borax cured eggs (we used to like anise oils) and the milk they bleed off you have another huge advantage and to try to compare the swung fly vs dink floating or drifting is way the fuck off. Not everybody on this site is ignorant to the methods of the "Dark Side". We have nothing against that type of fishing, have done it in the past or still dabble nowadays (like Jason B) but do not want pictures of that bullshit or the fish landed with it on this site. What's so bad about that? So land one on the swing and post it. It feels better anyways. Coach
  20. I'm under age but i don't drink but I'm from gig harbor and in high school so that excuse really doesn't work.

    again, i don't drink

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