Pictures of gear caught fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Clint F, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Shenanigans
  2. You are one salty looking dog in that avatar. It's got to be one of the best ones on this site. Tight lines Duffer

    PS And for those of you who are getting ready to jump, yes you can slow down, or even pause the fly with proper mending, but not like you can with gear. Keep it fly.
  3. Give these people a little taste of things different and they all take the bulls by the horn and run with it. All I can say if seeing fish taken by gear, you need to look the other way. Watch the Gallery with blinders on. Or just ignore the gear in the picture.

    If you play a fish to long or treat it roughly it will probably die after it swims off. So even if you fished with gear and played it too long it will probably die after it swims off. It is something that you put out of your mind. I fish to have fun and there is nothing anybody can do to change that.

  4. IMO if theres a pic of a gear caught fish in the gallery and someone gets all butthurt about it....then just dont look at it instead of creating a 6 page long rant. Seriously, theres 1 pic of a gear caught fish per every 200 or so pics with fish caught on flies. I dont much care for many of the pics I see on here but I dont bitch about them. Some like seeing pics of a nice steelhead wheather it be gear caught or fly caught, its all in your taste of pics I guess.

  5. Thanks Coach. Just trying to pick up Mumbles' slack.:thumb::rolleyes:

    P.S. This thread read like another troll, but as far as gear caught fish go I don't think there should be a separate gallery, and I don't think it's a big problem on the site. I don't see the point of posting those pics on this site, but whatever floats your boat i guess.
  6. If you look in my gallery you’ll see a few pictures lately of ‘gear caught’ Steelhead. The fish were caught using a centerpin rod and reel. The reason that I chose to post them here is that more and more ‘fly fishermen’ are using centerpin outfits and telling me how much they enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with the tackle and it’s been fun catching fish on something other than a fly rod.
    There is a difference between what I’ve been doing and fly fishing. That’s why I’m doing it and also why it’s worth talking about. But centerpin fishing and fly fishing tackle are similar in many ways and there seems to be a lot of crossover appeal. I have no intention of stopping (posting the pictures or fishing that way).
    Stay tuned for pictures of my family trip to the Lilac festival.
  7. Fuck it, I need a drink!
  8. You know we all buy the same's just all about choices.
    I don't feel I have the right to tell some one else how to think. What's next, ford-chevy. beer-wine, gay-straight?
  9. I think we already did that....

  10. For the record. Nobody here is telling anybody "how to think". :beathead:

    We all have a right to our opinion and we all know this.
  11. You tell me, caught on gear or a fly.....


    And seriously if you had that monster in your hands would you give a crap ? :hmmm:


  12. I'm just a fisherman. Always have been....

    now go out and have some fun.

  13. Wow 7 pages of crap, enough to bring Stam out of the wood work... WOW.
    nice work guys.
  14. Oh and beautiful fish C22.
  15. Definitely would not give a crap about methods.
  16. I don't fish gear, and no that fish would not have meant as much to me landed on gear as it would have swinging the fly. You are getting me to bite on this bullshit, no way. Go find a gear site. You can trade egg curing recipes, sardine wrapping tips and your favorite ways to trick out plugs by repainting them with the gear fellas. There are shitloads of places you can do that on the web. And they love gear caught steelhead pics over there! You see we used to have 10-25 fish days on the Sauk with plugs and most of those fish were over 10 pounds, especially during the "tethering" days. And no, not one of those plug landed fish, even the 28 pounder we got one day shooting plugs felt as good as a swung fly landed steelhead. Not even close. That's why I flyfish and that's why I like this site. The days are long, cold and the skunk is around more often than not. But then you do hook a wild assed steelie, there is no comparison. It's called WASHINGTON FLYFISHING, NOT I CALL MYSELF A FLYFISHERMAN, BUT IN REALITY HAVE NEVER CAUGHT A WHOLE LOT SWINGING THE FLY, SO I BUST OUT THE GEAR ROD THE VERY MINUTE I FEEL MY CONFIDENCE WAVER, WHICH IS MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, AND THEN WHEN I DO STICK A FISH GEAR FISHING I TRY TO CONVINCE MYSELF AND EVERYONE AROUND ME THAT IT IS THE SAME THING AS HOOKING ONE SWINGING THE FLY BUT DEEP DOWN INSIDE I WONDER AT NIGHT HOW MUCH BETTER THAT FISH WOULD HAVE BEEN IT I WOULD HAVE JUST STUCK IT OUT AND STAYED WITH THE SPEY ROD THAT DAY BUT........:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This aint my first barbecue chief! I'm done with this one, but those gear landed steelhead pics don't mean a damn thing to me.
  17. Coach. You are the man. :beer2:
  18. I was tempted to go to the Dark Side this winter; two winters of absolutely intolerable fishing conditions, swinging a bunny on a type 8 through friggin' latte colored water...yeah, I went out in the garage and looked at my rack of casting rods, all dusty and neglected looking, and I was sorely tempted.
    But I think if I would have given in, even if it would have caught me a couple chromers, I'd have lost a piece of something special and good. Can't explain it. I don't judge gear guys per se, or even "switch hitters" who haven't fully committed, it's just not my way.

    that's all.
  19. You guys have me laughing. Too funny. All I'll say, but some guys really don't know what gear fishing is. LOL
  20. Whoah there Spaz. This is the kind of stuff that people take personal. It just going to insult people if you call gear the "dark side". Accomplishment is what fishing is all about but to each their own regarding your choice of how to fish.

    We both know what an accomplishment a steelhead caught the way we do it is and we don't want that belittled, that is fly fishing for winter steelhead. A handicap basically.

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