Pictures of gear caught fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Clint F, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. I see Jason is getting the hang of it. :rofl:

    I can respect everyone's opinions as this is primarily a fly fishing site therefore gear fishing pics probely dont belong. Even though none of us really know where to draw the line between true fly fishing and steping over to the gear side.
    But its kind of strange how on gear sites they dont single out pics of fish caught on flies. :rolleyes: The last thing I want to do is be the one resonsible for tacking on even more pages to this damn thing so I will just agree on the part when it comes to instead of bitching at eachother we should be trying to protect fish runs so both gear and fly guys can enjoy what they love to do. :thumb:

  2. Jerry, too many Jack & Cokes dude. My post was a complete spoof of this entire thread, you could blow an artery over nothing, chill.

  3. LOL Papafsh, wasn't you. I never said anything about your flypics. I knew you were joking. I was talking about everyone talking about gear sites. There truly isn't an exclusive "gear site" that I know of.

    And if you think that was me being aggravated, you're wrong. I could've really cut people apart. Was all in fun.

  4. Now go grab your "goat" that is running all over the place and get him tied up again. And just like I said earlier, keep your shitty gear caught fish off of our WFF website. Talk all the shit you want, I laughed so hard I spit my beer all over myself tonight, but what you are really saying is that there are times you just aren't a good enough fly fisherman to get the job done and you bust out the gear. That's okay, in time those holes will be filled by experience and time on the water. In the meantime that centrepin will always be a great excuse for the simple fact that after all the "guiding" all the "sportsman expo demonstrations", all the tears, the sweat the split shot and glo bugs tossed in the tailouts behind the spawners that in reality there are still times that you have no fucking idea how to get hookups with the fly and this is your chickenshit, weak-assed, young man's save my manhood attempt at making yourself look okay. It's called insecurity young man, and all the shittalking in the world can't hide the fact you are simply sticking your bird chest out right now. I understand, been there myself. The Coach

    PS A little secret for you Big Time: Guiding in Alaska and putting people on fish with gear in Alaska is not looked at in the fishing world as highly technical, or a test of one's abilities. We are not arrogant, we've already been there, done that got the t-shirt many years ago. Once again, I don't care how you hook fish if it's legal. I've fished every way i can think of, but the fly is the way I turned to a long time ago. Go down to Washington and put people on steelhead swinging the fly. There are a few guys who can do it and do it successfully. Hell, your neck of the woods is still thawing out aint it? Head on down the the state this site is named for and let's see how fucking good you are. Guiding in Alaska doesn't mean shit to anybody. That's where most guys start....... At age 19.
  5. But, seeing you must've felt guilty. Where you really being serious now Papafish? Hmmmmmm, may have to do some investigating. ;)
  6. There is no fricking way I am going to read 144 posts about stinking gear fishing posts!
    I don't give a rat's ass about gear fish pics or anything related. :p
  7. Don't feel bad Larry. I opted to bypass a good few pages of it myself. Couldn't believe how much came about over a stupid post like this. Too funny.

    Hmmmmm, think it's time to play goal keeper. Let's put this puck back into place.

    Ok, this thread was about posting gearpics in a flyfishing section. So let's keep it from this point on about that, gear pics on fly sites.
  8. So, instead of insults Mr. Alaskan fly guide, an area which you would still be a force in the lunch room but kind of weak out in the big boy's world, post some great looking big assed fly only landed fish. It aint like you have a shortage of them in Alaska. Fly only. Hell for that matter, let's see some pics of those big assed Hawaiian bones you have been drilling "for years"! I can respect that and appreciate fish porn with the best of them. Just keep the gear and centrepin landed fish out. Well............
  9. i don't recall people talking bad about spey rods in 1998-1999, but then spey casting is considered fly fishing because it uses the weight of the fly line to generate the cast.

    whether more people centerpin or not does not change the fact that it is not, and even if lots of "flyfishers" start doing it, fly fishing. and it aint that new either. it is fun fishing a more effective way and still playing the fish on a single action reel... just like using a single action reel for mooching... in fact i remember a canadian saltwater fishing show where the host used lamson fly reels loaded with mono clipped to downriggers to catch kings in the salt. likely loads of fun to play the kings, but not fly fishing.

    just to clear the air, i and most have nothing against centerpinning (just don't drift your float into the water i'm fishing) but it just isn't fly fishing... even if you're fishing a fly below your float.

    so sensitive about the centerpinning

    also, what is this "necessary" stuff. when is centerpinning necessary? when you have to catch a fish? to fish certain types of water that is not good fly water? just curious about when i am required to centerpin

  10. iagree

    This thread is a joke and should have been closed at page 1. Who cares about a picture??
  11. You guys really think that is strange???? Did you really think about it???

    You guys need to take a logic or philosophy class because it is just like this:

    1. All lollipops are candies, but not all candies are lollipops

    2. All girls are people, but not all people are girls.

    Than you can define things further like this:

    1. For a dog to be a puppy it has to be a very young dog.

    2. For a candy to be a lollipop, it must be on a stick.

    So for a steelhead to be a fly caught steelhead, it has to be caught with fly gear while fly fishing.

    Gear fishing is an all encompassing approach to fishing where you can do whatever you want whenever you want, so a gear fishing site includes all disciplines of fishing including fly fishing. Case in point, I never see gear guys debate what we are debating because it doesn't matter to them.

    Fly fishing is a self imposed set of restrictions thus it only includes a specific set of criteria, thus we are on a fly fishing site, discussing this stuff tirelessly. So you see, these restrictions and gear choices are exactly what make fly fishing what it is, otherwise, you are simply fishing an ineffective way for no reason, like casting a jig float on a fly rod instead of a centerpin. What we are saying is that there are a specific set of criteria that make fly fishing what it is, this does not include jig/float, centerpin et cetera. It sounds idiotic, I know, but that is fly fishing.

    Like I say, if you really think fly fishing isn't its own thing, don't fish fly fishing only waters, that is like practicing Judaism in a Cathedral.
  12. It's funny how what is conversation for some, like me, is arguing and a whiny bitch session for others. It cracks me up that people who are bothered by this thread will bother to take the time to post in it. That is behavior that is as inconsistent as posting a gear caught steelhead on a fly fishing forum.

    Despite this thread's length, I'm enjoying it for what I'm learning about some people. I'm impressed that Jason's maturity about steelhead fly fishing greatly exceeds that found among his usual posts. He gets it. And then Coach's style is, well it's Coach's style. Nothing new there, but he really gets it too. But I already knew that.

    As for what is fly fishing, I thought everyone knew. Fly fishing is defined by using rods made of split bamboo, reels made in England, silk lines, gut leaders, and flies tied only with natural materials. Anything else and you're just a bait chucker. Unfortunately, I don't know any fly fishermen.

  13. I can think of a least two fly fishermen off the top of my head. I've had the great pleasure of meeting one of them. And the winners are; A.K.Best & John Gierach.
  14. Ironic isn't it?

    God damn. I never realized people on here thought I was such an idiot. Half my posts are simply heckles are jokes. Another good example of why the internet is a terrible place to meet people.

    I hate that gut leader, when I peg beads to it they always slip down to the hook. ;)

  15. Sg, I respect your right to fish the way you want, last shot & I'm done. Why gear obviously....?? The guy is all Simms-ed up its a C&R net, plus no gear in the pic or bait/hook in the yapper.

    The water behind? Looks like a fly guy could run a strike indacator & fly thru that bucket to me, & what if that toad took him a 1/4 mile downstream away from the step & swing water ??

    I'm just saying NO WAY to tell what method used in that pic.

  16. Defining what fly fishing is for an entire group based on personal opinion is like giving yourself a nickname... it's LAME and it's not what other people would probably call you.

    That said, so is being a poser!!

    Jason, does that mean candied apples are lollipops?j/k
  17. You can look up the fly fishing only regs in the WDFW pamphlet.

    Are you calling me a poser?

    I dunno.

    You are taking this way too personal dude.
  18. I have my own nickname and I don't know you Jason so I don't know if you like to pose or not. Do you post pictures of fish in this forum you caught with "gear"?

    LOL...personal? This thread is 10+ pages long and you're not the only one posting so don't take it so personal.
  19. Just was confused at what you were getting at with yout post since it appeared directed at me. Not upset. :thumb:
  20. it's ALL gear fishing.. just different types

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