Pictures of gear caught fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Clint F, Mar 2, 2009.

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  2. Wow!!!!!!, that is (wow) what I have to say, sorta. I got to about the 3rd or 4th page and realized it was just the same thing over and over, skimmed over the rest and assumed I was right. I would have to say that, again, I agree with Mumbles on this one "knickers in a twist":rofl::rofl::rofl: And Roe Milt's think about taking a "poop", that was good advice that was not heeded :rofl::rofl::rofl: Fishing is fishing. I fly fish because I enjoy it more than using gear, not because of some superficial enlightenment. On a sunny late summer day when the Humpies are running, I have absolutely no issue with grabbing a lawn chair sitting back and swapping the shit with some one while plunking with sand shrimp and a bell on the rod. Some of the folks on this site are way too uptight, fishing is fishing, just relax. If you don't like the occasional gear caught fish in a picture then don't look at it.
  3. AIA,

    A few might be uptight. I think most are having fun and are very relaxed with this. And others are astonished that the topic could carry on this long. I'm not. I know many hard core fly fishermen, and a topic like this is equivalent to talking about religion. Fishing is fishing to you, but you can't say what it is to others. For the hard core, it's all about the soul, but not saving it, since that's a long lost cause.

    Careful about your sand shrimp, cuz if you get the scent of them on your flies, you'll be bait fishing next time you go fly fishing, and your soul will burn in hell, etc., etc. . . .


  4. I agree, this is exactly like preaching a religion which is why this thread is kind of pointless in my view now. I am still with my view as many of you guys know that it is, but I kind of regret expressing it the way that I did. For now I shall just kick back and watch this puppy keep on growing. ;)

  5. All I can say is I'm totally relaxed on here when I'm posting. If someone reads my post and thinks I'm pissed off saying it, they're wrong. If I am pissed, you'll see fuck this, kiss my ass that, and go fuck yourself quite a few times in it. ;)

    BUt there is alot of good bullshit being spread on here. I do need some good fertilizer for my fields. ;)

    But fishing is what YOU make of it. Every form of flyfishing isn't what "flyfishing" was say 10 years ago. I'm just really tired of "labels". If I really was in the mood I could really lay a good rant, but it's not really worth my time. So, if you only fish drylines, with unweighted flies, on standard fly gear, then you can preach all you want (that's for steelhead, hell I'll even say for trout too).
  6. Titties, Beers, Browns, Steelfaces, and Chicken Farming.



    You are dead to me.
  7. I read two pages of this thread (especially the banter from that coach guy and the other dude)and am beginning to think that we should change one of the F's in the acronym for this site to a T and then put a question mark on the end of it.
  8. Um, not to kick a dead horse here, but...
    Go to or something. The reason most of us are here IS because we have self imposed a set of parameters on how we choose/enjoy to fish and it does happen to be fly fishing. That means we are here to surround ourselves with other FLY ANGLERS and that is likely the root of all the beef here and the least the center pinner, side drifters, back bouncers, plug pullers and jiggers can do is respect that. Fish how you want, 99% of don't give a crap but we (I thought most at one time, maybe more like a few of us now) are here to be around those who have those mutually set parameters.
  9. 169 posts and counting... can you tell fishing is slow?

    To me it's worse to be a flyfishing snob than to post an occasional picture of a fish caught with a spinning or baitcasting rod.

    Funny to see such an effective "troll" on a flyfishing site. The 17 year old from Pt Orchard reels in another one, and counting.....good job Clint! By the way, I caught a silver last month with one of your flies - thanks! Trolled it with a split shot on my 4 lb spinning rod while rowing to a fly fishing spot. Really. I can post a photo if you like!

  10. The reason a bunch of us guides over here are racing to publisize Hawaiian Bonefishing is two fold. One is it's good business. Marketing is essential to a good business. Two is that an area where you and a bunch of other mainlanders like to fish by the airport is now being pushed to be re-dredged, gutted and turned into a super mall on the water. All three flats will disappear. That is not the only plan up on the board. The govenor backs it. We are racing to both get world awareness, Hawaiian awareness and some support for arguably the world's biggest bonefish. There is no legislation or support or conservation of any kind for these bones. Folks like you have been coming over for years, keeping it a secret, "using" the resource but not one peep has come out of your mouths to protect these fish. No one peep. Surround netting is still legal. It's time we changed that, and unfortunately we are going to have to get it spread around the state, the fishing industry, the tourism folks, and really to anyone who will listen. And of course you know that bones lay their eggs way out at sea and they drift in right? Any of the 13-14 species of bones could be wiped out in one catastrophe, perfect storm or trajedy, but the ocean's currents would repropogate the lost area with eggs that would drift in from somewhere else. Everywhere but here. Due to currents and isolation, if our main flats species Abula Glossodanta disappears, they are extinct forever. And I'm sure you knew that too right? We are now racing against time. Decades maybe, but instead of blaming other folks like your fucking misinformed ass did towards the "Washington and Oregon boats" who are "stealing" "Alaska's" fish, we do not blame, we are already working together to find a solution. How about that ignorant stupid assed comment boys and girls. You folks have been pimping the shit out of your resource to the highest bidder for decades and now it's starting to slide down the drain, and you blame it on Washington and Oregon? You my friend are a dumbass. In our case publicity is the fastest way to shake things up. I am not shooting a "video" that would just benefit me over here, and once again your gossip based tint is wrong, but we've come to expect idiocy from you haven't we? I am shooting a show based heavily on conservation with Tim Rajeff and LL Bean. I am also understanding of the native peoples and their distrust of change, of losing more of their rights and other issues. They have been robbed here in many ways. We need their support also and we are getting a very good reception from the indig folks. The O'io is worth protecting they say for tourism and for traditon. We will discuss that on the show also. We hope this also raises awareness for both local fisherpeople and on a world level. What do you do for Alaskan waters besides insult Washington and Oregon for stealing "Your" fish? I could just "use" the resource and fish like you do over here when you come to Hawaii, but I have taken the tougher role of conservationist and if I should be so lucky, educator. You just fly here, fish and go back home to salmon snagging land. But you wouldn't know all this sitting in Alaska running your mouth would you big fella? Share my PMs with the board. Read your horseshit and then read my response. Not too shocking when you look at the whole picture clown. If you were a big boy and out of diapers you would have addressed my PM on your own. But you calculated two things wrong. One is I was sober and 99% of the time am on this board. Flyfishing means something to me. And two is that I have no trouble being me, walking in my skin, and facing up to my actions. Those that know me, know that. Post my PM offering to knock you the fuck out wherever you want. That is Duff and love me or hate me that's what you get. Nobody on this site gives a shit. If you were from Washington and in the industry you would actually know me. And if you knew me you would know that I don't get in insult throwing contests. I take in the insult and then hit that fucker right in the mouth. Aloha and Mahalo and see you soon! Coach

    Shit talking to men, will get you a response like that PM you were sent young man. That is reality. Now in the future before you decide to go on a crotch grabbing wanna be shit talking spree, know that there are folks in this world who don't have the time or energy to be talked to like that especially by punks. And every day you set foot in Hawaii you will be treated like the punk that decided to address me like the things I have done in life are not to be respected or that I have not earned my space in this country. As far as this site, you do not exist. The fellas don't need to see this shit anymore, and overall your posts make you sound like what you are. A young inexperienced, guide who is immedately threatened by experience and time in the game. Those are things you will lose in time, but I swear to you son, I will count the days when I can in person address the issues that seem to have gone awry. Serious shit sparky.

    PS And take your gear landed fish pics and shove them up your ass. That is what this is really about. This is Washington Flyfishing and being a manipulative little shit is not going to get the majority of the fellas to approve of your attempt to blur those boundaries. We fly fish. We don't need pukes like you trying to make that a bad thing, or perceiving us as elitist just because we like fly and fly only. Hell we love it enough where we admit going in we will usually catch less fish. You don't have that ability as an angler or guide and that is why you fish every kind of tackle known. In your case it's to cover your own shit talking ass. We have nothing against gear and lot of us fish gear, but this is a special site where fly is talked. We were asked if gear landed fish (steelhead seem to dominate) and when you percieved that you were going to lose that or that a group of honest guys said they don't give a shit about gear landed fish, you came unglued. This is a fly site and after all of your time in Hawaii and guiding the "fly" in Alaska you should have shitloads of pics to share right? After all every shop and outfitter in the PNW knows you are the guy right? With all the 25 - 50 fly shops in the PNW and all of the fly fishing guides in Alaska (I know a dozen good ones myself) how in the hell are you the "guy" when after 30 years I only heard about you on this site? And are you tossing spinning rods and jigs or squid over here for bones too? Unless the fly is really your backup "I only fish it when it's perfect" and then you don't have much to share, teach or discuss which would in turn fire up the young insecurities and the next thing you know you're tossing insults around and puffing out your bird chest...........:hmmm: See you soon Youngster and bring your very best. In the meantime go away and set up your snagging rigs for this season jack off.
  11. For the love of God, Country and FLY FISHING Coach let it gooooooooooooooooooo. It has ran its course let us move on.
  12. joker status. i want to pound my chest with my fists and go to a frat house and fight after reading this. i will keep my center pin caught fish off this site. that or i will just switch out the pin with a switch rod to please everyone. sorry coach. didnt mean to offend you and all the fly fisherman out there.
  13. Seems kind of pointless to have a forum for grown up adult discussion, if people are just going to threaten a beat down of everyone they disagree with. I think letting your verbiage do the talking should suffice.
  14. Holy crap. Anyone else thinking there's an MJ shortage in Hawaii?
  15. I'm kind of depressed by CD's last post. I was hoping to fish a couple of days with him in Hawaii on a stop over some time but I don't think I want to even be on the same Island with him .
  16. Leave the chickens alone you pervert.
  17. I think I'm starting to see a lot of trolls here.
    this post is getting some folks to show their true colors.
    Kinda reminds me why I don't join BASS.
    Fly fishing is not about the numbers, it's about enjoying yourself and friends out in GODs country.
    Fly fishing is "fishing" not "catching".
    I'll tell a short story.
    I was fishing with a friend at RF in late March, 2004. The banks of the creek were lined with fly guys and not to many were catching.
    I was working one side of the creek and my friend the other.
    Stop at an open spot catch a fish or two or not and move up stream and do it again.
    We had gone from the lower bridge to the half way spot and we were working our way back when my friend steps into a spot a guy had been standing at for a couple of hours.
    J. makes one cast and hooks up a nice trout, when the guy that been there says "Fuck I had just been standing there".
    There were about a 1/2 dozen guys looking at this asshat and I say "standing is right".
    Well the guy stomps off with light laughter behind him.
    So I say again, fly fishing is about enjoying yourself, not about catching fish. Catching is just a bonus and being proud of your catch and posting a picture just to have your ass chewed for not handling the fish right, I say to those that live in glass houses. Put up or shut up.
    Sending a PM to Gatorator.
    Tight lines and happy trails, trollers can take a hike.
  18. word, ultimately though all I care about is that guys are good stewards of the resource. I could care less how they fish as long as they aren't low holing me.
  19. coach, i truly do respect you, but i'd have to say that this guy has really pushed your buttons and your reaction is way way way not worth it. let it go man! go fishing.
    as you might tell some players on your team, go hit the showers.
  20. I understand that this is washingtonFLYFISHING not gear fishing. The reason that I’ve posted pictures of centerpin caught fish is that it is not an identity for me it is quite the opposite. My friends (among this community) know that I’ve spent most of my life pursuing fish around the world exclusively with a fly rod. So much so that (like Dave) I’ve made fly fishing my livelihood. These pictures represent a ‘hey check this out I’ve been doing something else.” I can only speak for myself, but the reason that I posted these pictures here is precisely because they are not fly fishing. I wanted to share thes images with my fly fishing buddies. Some of the best fly fishermen in the world use ‘gear’ tackle at time. Guys like Lefty Kreh, Steve Rajeff, and Flip Pallot. I once spent a week in the Bahamas with Brian O’keefe. He spent most of the time casting a spinning rod at Barracuda. I’m not trying to convert anyone, just pointing out that not everyone is exclusive

    We have only one gallery here. Unlike the forums, we do not filter our pictures into categories when they are first posted. They’re not always popular but we have pictures of: Scenery, wildlife, ‘hot girls’, a child’s first fish on the snoopy rod… These posters (like me) are using the sight to share images with their fly fishing friends that are not strictly fly fishing or even marginally fly fishing related. It’s easy enough to skim past images that are of no interest to us.

    I recognize this site is great because it caters to the wants of fly fishermen in Washington. But those wants are diverse and varied. Centerpin fishing is NOT fly fishing. But just like bird hunting it is an activity that many fly fishermen also pursue. As long as the bulk of the content is fly fishing related I have no problem with some peripheral material. Shouldn’t we let Chris and the moderators filter content?

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