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  1. Allright, so normally when I travel for work I end up fishing some fancy river, or with some great fly fishing guide. But not this trip.

    This trip I am headed off to Montreal, and after contacting every fly shop in the province and every guide I could find no one to take me fishing near the city on my one day off. So I started emailing gear guides, and the one that responded is actually some famous bass fishing guy that had a TV show or something in canada. He would love to take me fishing the issue is I know nothing about Pike fishing and he knows nothing about fly fishing. SO HERE WE GO:

    1. The pike and walleye pictures on his website are monsters, so I am guessing I need bite tippet, so I am looking at the RIO toothy Critter leaders in 20 lbs test, I think this should be fine but any input would be great.

    2. Hooks: I am going to tie stuff from size 4 down to 2/0 unless someone has an opinion on this.

    3. Flies: a lot of clousers and some bunny leech stuff, I will be tying all of it myself if anyone has input here that would be great.

    4. Rods\Lines: I am going to take a 7 and an 8 wt, with a floating and some sink tip lines, I am thinking maybe I should grab a cheap full sink line just in case?

    Any input at all is appreciated, as you can tell I am super excited for this trip for some reason I am not even sure why.
  2. I've fished for them in the Yukon. Used a 7 wt with a floating line and a steel leader. Flies were big and ugly, size 2 or larger. Best luck we had was on red and white.

  3. Pike do not mind big flies, like six or seven inches long. I have had my best luck with the whole chicken. LOL
  4. I use a 10wt for pike. I like tossing big flies and they are much easier to cast with a bigger rod. Red and white flies and red and yellow are very productive for me. Pike are very aggressive and try to murder the fly. Make sure you have a pair of jaw spreaders because they usually inhale it. Depending on water temps I would not overlook some top water flies in shallow water. Pike like cooler water. In south Minnesota the bigger fish have gone deeper with the hot weather. If you have cooler weather they might be closer to the shore.
  5. Definitely want to use a big rod to throw the big flies all day. I either use a 9wt or 10wt. Flies any where from 6 to 9 inches in length and you are on the right track with big clousers and bunny leeches, especially articulated bunny leeches. Make sure and tie in a stinger hook on your clousers. I use 65lb braid with a section of flexible clear tubing over it when I tie in my stinger hooks. The braid is for strength and the tube is for bite protection. Also if the fish are a bit leader shy try using two feet of 80lb flouro for a bite guard instead of wire.
  6. 9wt and really big circus peanuts!
  7. Use a 7 or 8 weight. The toothy critter leader works well as does 40lb mono. I've had the best luck with 4-6 inch rabbit strip flies in chartreuse or white. You don't need a trailing hook on your flies as pike are ambush predators and attack the fly from the side most of the time. They definitely never nip at the tail. #1-2 short shank hooks have worked really well for me. Bring a selection of poppers, mouse patterns etc. and try throwing them into the reeds and retrieving rapidly. This works best in early spring when the big pike are coming off the spawn and are still in the shallows. Later in summer they move deeper so you may end up fishing in 10 feet + . Good luck and hang on tight. They are a lot of fun!
  8. Well I didnt get the pike or muskie I wanted but I cant complain, I picked up 20+ SMB in the 4lb range sight fishing to them in 2 feet of water, it was pretty amazing. I also picked up 5+ walleye in the 5lb range but they were not as exciting as the SMB.

    Just imagine a saltwater flat but with 4' sturgeon, bass, and walleye cruising instead of tropical fish and that is pretty much it. They even spooked like fish in the tropics, sometimes they would spook even just on raising your arm to cast. I have blisters on my stripping fingers from the bass ripping line out( i was fishing with a 5/6wt) and they would also jump 2-3 times.

    I will have to get a full report written later but for now...


  9. Those fish look great. What line and flies where you using. Two feet of water suggests top water, but maybe not.
  10. holy moly! nice fish dude! sounds like paradise to me. what flies were those sturgeons hittin?:D
  11. Great trip and fish Kcahill! Those are terrific!
  12. So this river\lake system was infested with Gobys from the shipping that comes through Lake Ontario, so although top water and bait fish patterns worked the hot ticket was a purple or olive egg sucking leach.

    In the clear water you would see fresh water eels rooting through the mud, with 2-3 smallmouths following it grabbing up any gobys it tossed out.
  13. Well they would move on a fly like they were going to take it and then turn away(same with jigs), which was more than fine with me since I was using 5\6 wt rods and had no desire to tangle with those things. I would imagine after another 100 years of evolution of those fish vacuuming up those gobys while looking for traditional bottom feeder fare they will become "goby hunters" and take a woolybugger.

    And although they are not the huge monsters you hear of out west, seeing a fish that large come straight out of the water and go airborne was pretty amazing.
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  14. Purple ESL ehh? Something to add to my collection.

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