Pink fever

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  1. Went to scout launches to see how busy they were for a cutt fishing venture tomorrow. Pretty damn busy. Almost anyplace you could plunk was taken by seven this morning. I brought along my bait caster in case I decided to do a little test fishing. Stopped at the launch in Burlington and wondered down to see how the plunkers were doing. Made some casts in a hole above the plunkers, hooking 4 and landing 3. I kept 2 hens for the smoker which are now soaking in brine. Took about an hour to get my fish. The plunkers glared at me as I walked back to the truck. Nothing and I mean nothing works better on humpies than a Wells spoon.

    Stopping at the revetment in Mt. Vernon to have a yuppie coffee and watch the boat launch across the river I spotted a guy fishing off the revetment about 20 feet above the river. WTF? How is he going to haul anything up 20 feet and not loose it? This cat had it figured out. He hooked one while I was watching so I headed over to see how he was going to get up to the top of the revetment. He played his fish up to the log boom below the revetment and then slowly eased the fish over the log where he had a crab ring waiting that was tied off to the railing above. Once the fish was inside the crab ring he simply hauled it up the twenty feet to the revetment. Freakin' cool. He had the entire place to himself.
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  2. Okay, that's pretty damn clever.
  3. Revetment fishing for pinks! How cool is that? Right in downtown Mt. Vernon. Parking won't be free there if this keeps up.

  4. They do similar things while fishing fishing piers on the ocean. First time I watched it was out of Jupiter Florida for big Snook. Must be a transplant.

  5. Freakin' awesome. :D
  6. The guy's got a fevah! And the only more humpies!
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