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  1. Okay, its time to start planning for the PINKS!! Or, maybe I'm just getting excited and ready for "the tug"...!!

    If the projections are even close to accurate, this should be another awsome year for PINK SALMON!! If you haven't fished them with a fly, this should be a great year to start! As with a lot of other things, it is hard to know what to believe, and what to discard as BS... but, that said, I'm seeing projections of 6-7 million returning fish this year... that a lot of fish!! PINKS are great targets for the fly, have generous limits, and are great on the smoker or BBQ!

    I am offering active duty military folks the opportunity to experience this semi-annual event on a first come first served basis, except that preference will be given to Project Healing Waters program participants. If you should happen to be amongst "The few and the Proud", that's another plus...!! Sean and Jen, If you are in the area, let's do it again!!

    The number of trips will depend on my schedule, and of course the weather. If you want to fish, send me a PM and I will make every effort to accommodate. This is a free trip, and I will bring lunch. The offer is good for the month of August, 2013, or when the fish arrive.

    If you have appropriate gear (5-7 wt with floating or intermediate line), great. If not, I can supply. Fishing will be in the Tacoma area and from a 16' boat. Trips will typically last 4-6 hours. There are no guarantees of fish, but in years past "catching" hasn't been an issue...Achy, cramping arms are usually the "norm"!

    As I suggested before, SAFETY afloat is a primary concern, and weather will dictate whether to fish or not.

    BACKUP VOLUNTEERS---If you have a suitable boat and want to participate in this effort, let me know. With this open posting, it is hard to know what to expect in terms of response. My objective is to make sure that everyone who wants to fish will have a boat seat!

  2. I have an 18' boat that I keep at the Point Defiance Boathouse and would be willing to help out when I can. It would be a lot of fun to get some vets on some pinks. Anyway, let me know if I can help and I will see what I can do.
  3. You rock Dave!
  4. I need to get the Bayliner tuned to run smooth, anyone know a good mechanic? That could get me on the water with Dave, Jonathan and those vets. I don't know the Tacoma area waters, but I'm willing to tow the rig down that way.
  5. Ed-- I have used Hilton Marine for motor maintenance for years... If they can't fix it, they will point you to the right person who can...knowledgeable, fair, and reasonably priced.
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  6. Johnathan & Ed--thanks for the prompt response! I'll keep you on the list and let you know the need as we get closer to "arrival"!!
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  7. I'll run this through Chuck, make sure we don't have anything already in the books. I know I'm out a couple of those weekends (family weddings and daughters birthday) but may be able to arrange some of our soldiers. :)

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