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  1. A few years back I helped a guy unload one of these prams over in the Okonogan. I was impressed with the design at the time and tried to get a copy of the plans. All the leads I got were dead ends and I still don't know if the plans are even available to anyone outside of the club.

    Does anyone have a copy of those plans they could send me? I have been upgrading some of my woodworking tools lately and would like to apply their spiffyness to a new pram.

    Thanks, Ive
  2. Ive, I may sound like a rookie for asking this but what is a Port Ludlow pram? The only reason I ask is when I was a kid growing up in PL my neighbor built small prams once in a while....and one giant catamaran the size of my house. Just wondering if it was his design.
  3. My nomenclature may be wrong but my understanding was that the Port Ludlow Fly Club had built a series of prams as kind of a club function. The design was simple but elegant in it's simplicity. I have wanted to get that plan for several years and do my own take on it. At this point I don't even have a picture but would happily pay for a set of plans.

    If I am completely wrong about this and it is some other fly club please let me know or direct me in a better direction. More new tools arrived today-I'm ready to build!

  4. I believe that Ive is right. There are some members of the PLFF club here, maybe one of them can put some direction toward who might be the pram craftsman. I've seen a couple of the prams, the first I had seen of this type of craft. Pretty large fellas fishing out of them standing up, very small craft but strangely stable.
  5. Hi Ive,

    Three years ago I built a small one-man pram. Check out Hannu's Boatyard on the web and the pram I built is called the Portuguese style 1 1/2 sheet pram. Pretty easy to build, weighs about 60 lbs and I can stand and cast. Take a look and see what you think.---Steve
  6. Steve, Thanks for the tip, I checked out those plans and they are pretty good for free. The boat you built looks like it is only about 33'' wide at the widest point of the bottom. That seems a little narrow to me as I was looking for something about 9'' wider than that. I only weigh about 170# though so maybe it wouldn't be too tippy for me. It does look like a nice place to chironomid fish from-dry and wader-free!.

  7. Is this what you are looking for, or something a little larger

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  8. Nomlasder - what are the specs on that boat? Looks like the rowing position is quite far back.
  9. As it turns this is my craft built by Ross. It seems that the seat is located at the center of gravity for this boat. Now what I know is that I can sit my fat a-- in the seat and the boat seems to sit properly in the water. I don't have any pictures underway but I do have a couple comments about her trim from others in the water and it is reported she is fine. Since this picture I have added a small electric motor. Maybe she will plane when I test her. :)

  10. What a sweet little boat!!!,Please do post specs/info.Do you sell plans?...hope so...Thanks,Alan
  11. I don't have any plans but you can contact Ross at He builds excellent boats. I have seen his drift boats also.

  12. Hello Ive, If you are still interested (after all these years) in building one of these prams and want to talk to the fellow that designed them ...I'm your man. So far we have built 10 of these prams here in Port ludlow for our members. Sorry for the delay, I just joined the forum
  13. Any pictures? The rest of us are curious.

  14. Way to go Arnie!!!
  15. we need pic's of this. PLEASE
  16. Sorry gang, I'm just learning how to navigate this forum web page. I'll see if I post some photos of the prams for you, Arnie

    100_8233.JPG IMG_2230.JPG DSC02808.JPG

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  17. Like others here, I am very interested in plans for this boat. A donation to the club (or pocket) of your choice is no problem. Like the "Poulsbo Boat", this is destined to be a classic.
    Thanks Arnie, and you guys who've helped bring this to light.
  18. I talked to Arnie on Tuesday. He has put the plans on paper and is having one of our PLFF members do the graphics. All he is looking for is a donation (yet to be determined) to the Port Ludlow Fly Fishers. Stay tuned. By the way, the red boat now belongs to Nick Clayton.

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