Please help me buy a new reel !

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by royalcoach, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Hey gang ....

    Not another one of these threads .... but have paralysis by analysis :eek:

    I just cant decide what to buy.
    Galvan Torque or Ross Evolution LT or Nautilus FWX ?????
    Still thinking about a Lamson Litespeed and Speedster too !
    I am driving myself crazy searching reviews.

    And damn is that Galvan Brookie one beautiful looking reel or what ?

    Reel will be going on a Z-Axis 5wt

    Thanks gang !
  2. get a classic hardy
  3. Cant go wrong with Lamson, but my new favorite reel my sage 2280. cant beat it for the price.
  4. I cant afford to live in the house of Hardy ....
  5. Try a Greys GX500. Not a fancy reel but has some nest features. It comes wit two extra cartridges.

  6. IMO Lamsons are the most reliable and best quality reels for the price
  7. Buy all three solves the problem
  8. Of those choices, I would recommend the Ross LT by process of elimination; the drag is weak on that Nautilus, the Lamson frame is flimsy and prone to tweaking on the slightest jarring; the Galvan is a possibility - altho I personally don't like the graduation of the drag (takes too much turning to tighten it). The Ross has a narrower profile and not as large an arbor as the Galvan; also the drag knob on the Ross LT is slim, smooth, not as grippy as I would like but no biggie there. The Ross has an interesting clicker sound that I like.

    Hence the Ross recommendation. If retrieve rate is important for you, get the Galvan. Don't get the others.

  9. When you do that ill pm you my address so I can test
    Them out for you:)
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  10. IMO just close your eyes and pick one. They are all fine reels that will handle anything most people will throw at them. No sense over thinking it.
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  11. 5 weight? go for looks since you, most likely, won't need a drag system that'll stop a train.
  12. I love the looks of that Galvan Brookie ... but the drag setting is a one set deal with an allen wrench.
    The river salmon here do need a drag at times and on occasion... not often ... but often enough.
  13. If you are open to a gear or spring and pawl drag system instead of a soul-less modern disc drag reel ;) , there's a lot of options, including:

    - Abel TR 2 or 3
    - Orvis Battenkill II or III
    - Islander IR 3
    - Various classic Hardy reels like the Princess, L.R.H., Marquis 5, or Hardy-made reel like the Sage 505 (or a new Princess or L.R.H. though believe those are made in Korea)

    I use Abel TR 2 and 3 on various single hand 5 wt. set-ups, an Islander IR 3 on my single hand Z-Axis 5 wt., and a Hardy St. Aidan on a 5 wt. switch. Love all of them. All of the above can be found at or less (in some cases way less) than a new Galvan Torque T-5.
  14. Now Im really screwed...
    Thanks for that !

    Cool avatar mykiss !
    Your bud I assume ?
  15. Yes, that is my old bucket head yellow lab.
  16. Royal Coach,

    Since you asked, I think you should by the most expensive reel that you can afford. I've read on this very forum numerous times that you get what you pay for. I don't necessarily believe that myself, so I don't practice it either. I think O. mykiss advice is appropriate for the rod you're wanting to dress up. I think the Hardy LRH is perfect on a 5 wt; the Princess a tad large. A mint condition Sage 505 is as good as it gets. These reels will easily outlast you and serve the next generation as well. Less expensive, but an excellent trout reel is the discontinued Ross Colorado, probably size 3. I have a couple to these and find them better made than the Hardy, but not better than the Sage 500 series.

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  17. I've got vintage Hardys, Waterworks, Lamson, Pflueger, Orvis, Martin, Ocean City, Meisselbach and way too many royalcoach, the reel you need to buy is THE REELYOU WANT!!
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  18. I have a Ross Evolution LT #2 paired with my Z-Axis 590. It is a great reel and matches well with the rod. I fish this combo far more than any of my other rods and reels. I don't have any experience with the other two reels you are considering, but would highly recommend the Ross.
  19. +1 for the Abel TRs, I have the 1 and 2....great reels! I am also a big fan of Bauer Reels.
  20. I got the new Litespeed IV for my salt 5wt. Love it. Lamsons are light but solid and dead sexy in a tech sort of way.

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