Please help me buy a new reel !

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by royalcoach, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. You should look at getting an Islander. They are made well "Off-shore" but its not Off-shore Korea off-shore, it is a ferry ride away off-shore off-shore
  2. Go buy that Hardy St George it will turn heads when that big run happens
  3. I agree, the Bozeman or Hatch would look great. Make sure you buy a Howler Bros hat as well.
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  4. I kinda like the Nautilus hats better .... "Tested On Animals " ....
    Looks like I an leaning towards the Ross Evolution LT ....
  5. If you buy a quality reel with a good warranty you can hardly go wrong. The quality of all gear now is good to great. For a 5wt it will mostly be a line holder so no need to spend $500 on a reel unless you really want to. Basically find a reel that feels good in hand and you like the look of it and go for it.
  6. I can't add anything to this as I'm a cheap bastard. But you should check out Allen Fly Reels. A sponsor on this site. Their reels look fine and don't cost an arm and a leg.
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  7. Drag? What drag?
  8. Yes I know ....
    So .... Have ruled out the Lamsons and Brookie.
    Liking the Ross Evo LT... and Galvin Torque.... both equally.

    If I didn't run across the few Nautilus FXW threads that described drag failure issues I would be all over that one.
  9. Have you looked at the Tibor Light, Bauer Mac, or Orvis Hydros or Access reels? What about Abel?
  10. Not yet .... guess I will tonight !
  11. I recommend you go to the fly shop you frequent the most and talk to them. Then after taking their advice into account, see if you can make a mutually beneficial relationship. If plan on spending any amount of time fishing you are going to be hitting the shop frequently.. Help both of you out.
  12. Not sure if this matters but the Galvan's don't make a sound when pulling drag. I believe the Ross does. I love a good drag sound (but did end up with a Galvan t-8 myself).

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  13. Did not know this.

    Ended up buying a Rush 4 here ... it will most likely go on my Sage SLT 490-4
    Also traded for a Speedster 2 here .... which will see duty on my Sage Z-Axis and ZXL 590-4s

    Looking at a Ross Evolution LT for my 3wts ...
  14. If you're ok with Lamson, take a look and see if you can still find "factory seconds" online. They take a good cut off the price for the same reel and warranty.

    Edit: I'm kinda a lamson guy, I guess?... My first nice reel was a lightsped and can't believe how light it really is. The Konic is a great at the price and have only heard good things about the speedster. Personally, I'm not a fan of the guru at that price and weight. I know mine tend to bend here and there but lamson has always taken care of them quickly.

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  15. Good point Jeremy .... I really do try to give my local shop most of my business.
    But when it comes to reels... seems I can find great deals on Ebay and here .... or ... buy new on-line and get a free $80.00 fly-line.
    I fish with the shop owners .. they know me well.
    When I go in with the Speedster and Rush they will give me some grief for sure ... but I will be dropping a couple hundred bucks on new lines from them.
  16. Yes I did come across these and wondered what the deal was.

    Looks like by the end of the week I will have a Ross, a Galvan, and a Lamson ....
    Will be interested in comparing the 3 of them.

    I did look at the Hatch reels at the shop and they were nice !
    The thing is I am upgrading from Okumas and Cortlands .... so I am doing great now as it is.

    The older reels I will keep as back-up or give away....
  17. I have 4 lightspeeds and love them! Any of those reels will be a step up. Good luck I'm jealous I love getting new gear:)
  18. I'm not knocking the quality of Lamsons, but the one thing that turned me off was (and please correct me if I'm wrong) the warranty. I have been under the impression that it is moot if the reel is no longer in production.

  19. Not at all what their warranty states. "Lifetime of the original purchaser". Like other manufacturers, if it's well out of production, they send you the latest upgrade.

    On a side note, Ross sure uses a lot of plastic on their reels.
  20. I don't think there is any plastic on the Ross Evo LT ....

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