PNW vacation ending

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Theron, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. My vacation is almost over. My daughter-in-law Gretchen and myself spent a great day on Friday fishing with Bob Triggs as our guide. We fished two great beaches. Bob is a treasure trove of information about beaches and fly fishing in general. Damn, but that man can talk. The weather cooperated even if the fish did not. It was a great day. I did catch a sculpin but that hardly counts.Thanks for an awesome day Bob!
    My son and daughter in law and myself fished the beach at Lilliwaup on Saturday. We saw lots of salmon feeding and jumping but could not entice a hit. I was standing in the water with the sun shining and salmon jumping and my thoughts were f**k work. I hate to have to go back to the Cornhusker State. Oh well, retirement is January 2 and shortly after that I will be living in this awesome area.
  2. Glad you had a positive experience. Do not be a stranger on the forum even if you are back at work. By the time you get back out here you will have a nice pipline of fishing buddies that will be looking forward to your home coming.
  3. Glad you had a good time here in our neck of the woods, bbrech! Recreational opportunities abound and where else can you drive 2 hours in one direction and be amongst impressive snowy mountains or 2 hours in the other direction and enjoying the Pacific Ocean beaches? :)

    So where you gonna call home when you move back here?
  4. Or drive a couple hours east and be in the desert, which holds it's own unique treasure trove of angling opportunities.
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  5. Right you are, trip!
  6. we are pretty sure we want to end up somewhere on Whidbey Island. Our kids have a cabin on the OP overlooking Lake Cushman so we have a place to stay if we come to the OP. There seems to be fishing opportunities no matter where you live.
    One other thing I learned While fishing on Friday. It you take your iPhone for and unexpected swim in the salt water it will be toast.
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