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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Theron, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. I will be leaving Nebraska in the next few hours for 10 days in Washington. We plan to spend the weekend on the OP fishing some still water and relaxing at our kid's cabin overlooking Lake Cushman. Monday we pick up a rental Harley for 3 days exploring from Whidbey Island. We return to the OP for a day fishing for SRC on Friday with Bob Triggs. When I get home I only have 13 more Mondays that I have to report to work before my retirement on January 2. Then we start packing for our move to Washington.
  2. Have fun fishing with Bob. Don't let him nap to much....:p
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  3. That is terrific!
    Bring the rain gear as weather is suppose to be wet starting Monday.
  4. Glad to hear that you are getting ready to enjoy life. What is bringing you here to washington? Family? or are you just wanting to get the hell away from the mid west?
  5. I have family in Seattle. Here to fish and drink some great west coast beer
  6. Sounds awesome - you're in for a treat - albeit a big change
  7. Congrats on your upcoming retirement. You'll have to become a Husky & Husker fan now ;)
    As Jeff said, looks wet next week. Have a safe ride on the island.
  8. I think I can become a Husky fan. I love it out here. Going to stop by a fly shop and spend some money today. Also will pick up some beer. This is a great area for beer fans also.
  9. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement and welcome to Washington. Tight lines.
  10. Hey, don't forget to superb coffees we have out here, the great wineries, and the micro-distilleries we have too. I mean we need something to warm us up on those cold, wet days that last from mid-November until sometime in spring when we get rained on virtually everyday.

    Seriously, welcome to this wonderful part of the planet.
  11. Not to rain on your parade (pun intended!), but bring plenty of money if you plan to live in the Seattle area. The cost of living here is among the highest in the US. Home prices are more than double the national average. Seattle rents are the third highest in the country, and at 9.6% (depending on the municipality), so is the sales tax. That said, its a wonderful place to live.

  12. People are nice too and remember 1 in 7 of us have a boat. Congrats on the retirement!
  13. or 2 or 3...
  14. So far I have fished Kokanee Lake & the Skokomish in the park on the last day it was open. No fish to hand but a couple of LDR's
    Now spending a couple of days riding on Whidbey before heading Bach to the OP to chase some SRC.

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