poachers on the yak

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  1. I floated the farmlands last friday and saw a a couple of guys spinfishing they had a stringer with about 8 fish on it two over 18 inches. they showed of their catch to us one if the guys had few front teeth. the way they showed thier catch it was as if they wanted us to come to shore and fight. If you flaot or wade this section of river please take a phone to call fish and wildlife thank you.
    ps im not a fighter plus he had no teath to knock out. :REALLYMAD
  2. Are you sure they weren't whitefish? It's open. and you can even use bait! I think I'm gonna go tomorrow and slay me some too.
  3. Regardless if you are fishing for whitefish, you still have by-catch which is usually in the form of--cutthroat, Rainbows and steelhead. I know there is plenty of opportunity to hammer on those fish with gear and bait. You just don't go out and only catch Whitefish. Poachers or not--they are still harshing on the system. The selective gear rules should apply in the winter whitfish season on the Yakima and Methow Rivers. I am sure they were using a 3/16s gap right? And they are probably releasing all by-catch as well--

    don't hesitate to call the poacher hotline: Yakima-509-575-2320

  4. I hate to punch guys with no front teeth. Where's the fun? Sure they collapse, they buckle, they cry and wail, but when you don't see the teeth fly, well, it just seems a little short somehow. But I punch them anyway. :CLOWN
  5. I am 100% sure every fish they had were definitly trout if they were whitefish i wouldnt have writen this. I was also told by a guide on the yak that he carrys a phone calls 911 and they conect you directly to proper authoritys and they will catch them please if you are fishing for whitefish handle the trout with care thank you. mybe there was a reason why he had no front teeth. :pROFESSOR
  6. Wait a Minute. Old Man doesn't have any front teeth either.

    MacRowdy :DUNNO
  7. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I can take a little ribbing on my store bought teeth,but you seem to want to keep it going. I am starting to get to the point where it's not funny any more and I wish that you would please stop all the ribbing. :REALLYMAD

  8. I do not like to punch guys with no teeth either, that is why you get them where it really hurts, you politely row to shore and confiscate their: spam, roe, or night crawlers(whatever they are using for bait) and their beer, drink the beer in front of them and then politely ask them to crawl back into the stump they came out of. If this does not work then break out the needle nose pliers (or forceps which ever is handy) and pull out the rest of the guys teeth.

    What do you do with the fish though?

  9. SHOOT "EM ALL!!!



    Vincit Omina Veritas

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