Polarized Sunglasses Giveaway

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fowie, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. New review site just posted a review on some Guideline Current polarized glasses. They're giving a pair away this week too. Seem pretty nice. I know I've noticed a huge difference using some polarized glasses I bought a while back. Have you guys seen much difference between some higher-end glasses like the Guidelines ($50+) and the cheaper kind (read: Wal-Mart special)?

  2. I just sprang for a couple of pairs of Maui Jim's while up in Canada. Love them, even when compared to my Smith Optics. I had a cheap pair of KnockArounds and they didn't wrap around the eyes like I want, so I gave them to my son.

  3. Maui Jim get my vote. I have top of the line Smith, but wear the MJ because the are better, IMHO
  4. Don't know much about brands but I think tint is more important. If you are going fishing, I like brown/amber tints but....if you are going to the beach you need a tint with a reflective mirror finish so your wife can't see where your eyes are looking......;)
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  5. I think it's usually best form to reveal that you are promoting your own website/company in your posts. There is probably even a site rule about it.

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