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  1. get some contacts
  2. You just answered your own question. $.$
  3. Rudy Projects for my shooting, and natives for pretty much every other time. I use the interchangeable lenses frequently, like today, since it's raining. I'll be teaching a young man how to shoot long distance rifle, and it's nice & gray outside. So it's the clear lenses for today. I'll be on the scope most of the morning, and don't need the contrast-raising ability of the amber.
  4. I have a pair of Oakley Half Jackets in Black Iridium VR28 that are prescription. Lenses are digitally cut. Lightweight and good coverage around face. Rarely any slippage. I have to admit that at times, it would be nice to have some darker lenses. I don't know what the current model lineup is, but they sold fishing specific sunglasses. For example, you could buy a pair of Flak Jackets and either get them with lenses for inshore fishing (shallow blue) or lenses for offshore fishing (deep blue).

    I also have a pair of Smith Optics photochromatic copper with silver flash. I like these as well and with the megol nose pads and ear pads, very little slippage. If I'm wearing contacts I wear these glasses.

    Many years ago I had a pair of Costa Del Mars. I didn't care for the frames because they didn't have any antislip materials as they do now, which is hydrolite. But compared to some of the other manufacturers, they don't seem to have much of an area of coverage with the hydrolite and it's not on all models.

    I'm tempted to buy a pair of Maui Jim readers for when I wear contacts and I may try and save up to get a pair of progressive polarized sunglasses. Unbelievable how much they cost! My other choice is to go with contacts, sunglasses and bring along readers or a magnifier to put on my hat.
  5. Just wanted to thank everyone for all the recommendations. Got a pair of Smiths my mom wasn't using, so I'll give them a shot.
  6. Smiths Optics will make you a pair in your prescription, you send them your Rx, or go through your local shop. I get mine at PSFCo, but use the Padres which have built in bifocals. I have one pair I've worn nearly every day for six years or more. Hinges are still tight, no eye fatigue, finally a few hairline scratches. Copper is the best all round color for my use under most conditions..
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  7. I had an eye exam in March and checked out prescription sunglasses. I currently wear progressive bifocals. Maui Jims were going to cost about $800 and Smith Optics weren't much cheaper. Depending upon the curvature of the lense, you may or may not be able to get a particular pair of sunglasses in prescription, or you can, you may be limited to single vision.

    One thing I may try is Optx-20/20 stick on bifocals.

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