Pontoon catastrophe!!

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  1. Anyone have this happen to them before?? If you have, what was your quick fix? Please someone tell me I will be covered by the lifetime warranty. Calling the company and sending emails right now.. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

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  2. Let me get this out there before you do.... I KNOW, I KNOW, YOU TOLD ME SO!!!
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  3. Wow. Bummer. Interested in seeing what happens here. Care to share what happened?

    I suspect Dave will help you take care of this, if you can get in touch with him.

  4. I would like to tell everyone I was fishing in some class 12 rapids, but the reality is I was on a lake. The water was like glass. I had been fishing for about 20 minutes or so when I went to paddle when the thing just snapped. Thank goodness I had fins in the car otherwise I would have had to scrap the whole trip.

    While writing this post I received an email from the Scadden crew. A replacement part is being shipped.
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  5. Luckily you weren't running class 3, 5 or 12 rapid....that failure would have made things very interesting besides possibly being life threatening.
  6. Who, me? ;)
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  7. Just as an aside . . .I've owned three Watermasters over the past 12 years and while I'm now primarily a stillwater guy, I've taken those boats down most of the Puget Sound S rivers as well as the Yakima and the Spokane in Washington and many big name rivers in WY, CO, MT, and ID. Never had an issue, let alone a major failure.
  8. YES YOU!!! LMAO
  9. That would sure product some OHHHH FFUUUUUU's if you were in the middle of some fast water power strokes. Haha....

    My mind is having a fun time trying to figure out how I'd try and fix this in the field.... 3 miles from the take out....
  10. That's some funny shit right there.
  11. I think it was carrying too much weight.:eek:
  12. Must.........resist.......urge........ ;)
  13. You would think all the pinable oar lock patches come from the same exact factory and would be identical. Looking at the pictures on the OSG Commander it does look exactly the same. The Big Sky Inflatables does not look the same.

    The walls seem a little thin compared the the water Master Silvertip Jesse owns and the Grizzly I own. Luke stood a WM Zodiac up on its side, on the Klickitat, at 3000CFS, hung on a rock, until the heavy duty oar broke. Happened very ""fast"". Jesse stood his WM Silvertip up on its side, on the Naches, at 800cfs, with a full load of beer for Jesse, a full load of the worst Tamales I have ever seen, enough spare clothes to last the winter, on a rock, until the heavy duty oar broke, in extra super slow motion.This brought into question the oar being pinned in the first place, not to mention if you get too strong an oar does it rip the pinable oar patch out. Apparently not in a WM.

    Now Jesse has to be prepared to fix his Assault XX 3 miles from the take out and I promise you he will not be cutting into his beer weight for this fix. I have yet to see him end a float with beer left.

  14. Pontoon said its rated fr 1000+ pounds, I only weigh 210!! LMAO
  15. duct tape and zipties
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  16. Figure eight crossover rope wraps to limp to the end.
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  17. Just recieved and email from Derek, NFO, with a tracking number!!!!!! Customer service in the past has been a pain in my @SS... So far this time has been super smooth!!
  18. The same thing happened to me last spring on my challenger but I had already had the boat for a year and used it quite heavily. I just started out on a lake and it broke; 5 hours from home and I was pissed. Not much you can do at the time and I didn't have fins. I used web straps to pin the oar down and that worked fine until the wind whipped up one day. Anyway, Dave said he found it odd and never had one break before (hmmm?). He sent me a replacement no problem but I got a second one in case I ever ran into this problem again I would at least have a spare. This is the kind of thing that would make one of those 3D printers I keep reading about seem worth it. Anyway, the point of my post is to get a spare as well.

  19. Piece of cake to fix to get out.

    Not sure of what you have to do to feel safe in a tight situation, which is the only time shit should happen like with Luke, Jesse was just asleep at the wheel coming out of a deep pool, not on a friggen lake where there is no pressure.
  20. I thought about getting the heavy duty oars for my WM for wilderness float trips. Then I thought about how that might increase the likelihood of catastrophic pin or pin-patch failure. So I decided to stick with the standard oars and hope for the best should I break one in the middle of a tricky rapid.


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