Pontoon or "U" boat

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaiserman, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. That explains why I couldn't find it on your "link" aka catchercraft.com website.
  2. ok, to be a complete contrarian, I like being semi-submerger. Yep. ok, so it's chilly when its 34 degrees and you can't cast as far... got that. But, gawd made neoprenes and thermal underwear. A lot of float tubing is trolling with a sink/ sink tip line and once you get the line out you can add 10 feet to feel like you can cast forever. But... I land a LOT of fish between my legs, not in a net. Really. It calms them, they are in the water to some degree, I don't need a net (but I have one...), and since I don't use an apron on the U-boat type it works out quite well. As noted, NO ONE will like this. Regardless, it works... I have a net but, about 40% of the time, I simple catch and release without the net and just use my legs/fins as a trough to retrieve the fish, remove the hook, and gently let them recover. Really. Ok, I am "Abby Normal", got that. Regardless...

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