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  1. OK, here are the pics of the "trailer" I can use to transport a pontoon. It is extra wide for a large pontoon. It would be easy to add a bar at a right angle for a tongue.

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  2. Turn the Toon upide down attach the long axle Aubry has to the oar towers. Lay the oars and accessories between the tubes on the frame and tie them down. Partially deflate the tubes they will be lighter without all that air in them.:)
    Attch the hitch low on the chainstay tube it will have better stability. You don't want the attachment to the bike to be rigid look at the Burley hitch it has a flexible hitch. The trailer needs to move at all angles from the bike so it wont affect the rider or torque the frame
    We pulled an 80 pound Burley freight trailer behind a tandem bicycle from Seattle to Eureka CA in the summer of 1994.
    The problem you will have is the width, on some terrain it will be difficult, but doable I think. Think third worls countries they haul everything either on or behind the bikes.
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  3. 120146_ts.jpg 120146i2_ts.jpg My first thought was buy a game carrier and modify it. This one from the Sportsmans Guide was only $60 and folds up. Might work with some imagination
  4. I second that. My friend Jake used to run that place. Their warehouse is a blast to poke around in if you're interested in bikes.
  5. If you get a 6 piece rod, you can just lash it to your day pack. I plan to do that with my 4-piece rods. I can carry two rods in one case, if I feel finicky. I was out in my garage last night trying to figure out where to put rod tubes on my bikes. I've been riding my old Schwinn cruiser lately here around the beach, since its mainly flat, and usually just take my car to fish anywhere I can drive to, but I'll take my Gary Fisher Utopia 27 spd hybrid with disk brakes for riding in on the gated logging roads. I actually like my front shock, except on pavement, where I lock it off. That bike is ridiculous overkill for the beach, though. For tooling around the beach area, the old Schwinn cruiser just can't be beat!

    Simply lashed on the rear rack might work, sticking straight out the rear. That's what I've done in the past.
  6. I would look on craigslist for a cheap Burley trailer (the ones that haul kids)- look for on that hauls 2 kids, not 1, then just retro-fit it.
  7. Second the Burley comment. I used one for just this purpose after my girls outgrew it. The Mercer Island thrift store almost always has a couple of them sitting out front, priced cheaply.
  8. I went out yesterday to the bike shops in Wenatchee. I took the Outcast frame with me and asked them to make a trailer out of it.

    Ive, you should work at a bike shop. We went through all your suggestions!!!

    Well, one shop said I sell, not make stuff. The other shop was very interested. However, the earliest they can get to it is FEB 2014.

    So I put the Outcast together today for my first fishing trip of the season on Monday.

    I am thinking about a 5 foot wide by 6 or 7 foot wide platform with wheels. That way without the wheels attached I can use it as a platform for the pontoon to ride just above the bed rails in the truck.

    Attaching the wheels is definitely the key to making this thing work. The one bike shop recommended wheel "internal" to the pontoons. I kinda like the stability of "external" to the pontoons.

    Anyway, the project continues. If anybody wants to join the team and build TWO e-mail me!!

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