Positive South Sound Stoke.

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  1. Despite the ugly wind I headed over to one of my fave MA11 beaches and with the Eastern aspect, the wind wasn't too bad. Hit it on the outgoing about halfway through and enjoyed some of the best action I have yet seen with 5 fish to the net and 2 of those to 17 inches.
    One ratty Chum baby worked well and I credit my luck to the persistent Kingfisher that hung around as my guardian angel :)



  2. I fished the convergence zone this morning photo-4.JPG and got beat up.

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  3. That's grim Leland...but you got out and made a go of it. Very beautiful when conditions are like this, just challenging. Keeps us honest tho :)
  4. Eyejuggler,
    Nice to see the photo of the sign. I put it up last week. I was afraid the one on the other side would go unnoticed.
    Nice fish. Thanks for the report. That particular Kingfisher you speak of is a fisherman of the highest caliber. DSC03351.JPG
  5. Great work Dave! I think I know that beach. Can't wait to get back there and see if I can find some big boys too!

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  6. Great shot Jack, I believe when I left he was sitting on that very line. There are four birds that I look forward to hearing/seeing because their presence means I am having a good time in a beautiful place;
    Belted Kingfisher
    Red Winged Blackbird
    Western Meadowlark
    Bald Eagle
    Those birds are my golden ticket.

    Thanks for posting the signage as well Jack, I was really pleased to see an effort being made to protect and educate, hence the pic of it.

    Gary, get out there, you will find green gold! If I ever get another weekend day off I will hollar and see if you want company :)
  7. The fresh colors on that cutt are making me think the action should be really heating up soon. Its been slow for me this year, at least for nice sized searuns, maybe they just got a late start getting out into the salt
  8. Nice report, thanks, I've had a slow start this season... painfully slow.
  9. I will be there this evening. Possibly see someothers?
  10. This inspired me to check inventory on the yellow signs. We're down to the last 100 or so of them, so could you all start looking out for signs that are wearing out, been torn down, etc. It's probably time to pitch in, raise some $ and get a new round printed up. I'll post a thread in a couple of weeks, but it can't hurt to start keeping an eye out for un-posted beaches.

    Thanks for including the picture juggler
  11. Sounds like a very good day. I haven't been out on the beaches much this year, but that is one of my favorite spots as well.

    Don, please do start another thread re: the sings. I would like to contribute to the effort.
  12. Will do. I want to check around and see who still might have some so we'll know the quantity, then review the wording with WDFW. This was a 100% volunteer effort last time, and went quick and easy.
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  13. I'm out. I put them all at my secret beaches and now I can't find them!

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  14. Purdy's is looking pretty faded, if you make it out there.

  15. That's a good one! Beaches so secret that even the guys who know about 'em forget about how to find 'em. :cool:
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  16. Ha, you got it!


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