Possible move to KY

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  1. I did a search on fishing Kentucky, seems like there are a fair number of water bodies where you can target trout. As for bass and bream, when I was in school at LSU and Auburn, I enjoyed bream fishing much more than bass and they were better eating. We targeted "titty" bream (bream too big to holding your hand to unhook so you had to hold them against one of four titties) which were actually big enough to filet. Mix up some cheese grits, hush puppies, some good coleslaw, little is good.

    And thanks for your service to our country.
  2. It's pretty country down there, and some of the stereotypical reactions here are what feeds the rest of the country's stereotyping of left coasters and Seattleites. You'll be within a few hours of a couple state parks, the Smokies, trophy brown trout in Arkansas and Missouri, more trout fishing in Tennessee, and a bunch of inland lakes. There could be a lot worse places for a fisherman to live. Also, I believe Deliverance was filmed in Georgia.
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