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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Sheesh. I hadn't been on for awhile, just busy, and have recently poked around a few times on here. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot to read about fishing these days! I mean, some of the threads are kinda' about fishing, but it's mostly just typical whiny crap about thingamabobbers and defending less than adequate self-esteems when thin skin doesn't stop the certain disagreements that are just part of being on the internet.

    Anyways... POST ABOUT FISHING for god's sake! Go fishing! Catch fish. Get skunked. Get your rig in a rats nest! Post about it.

    Here's a 16" rainbow that I got on my Damsel nymph pattern at Lake Lenice this Sunday. Ain't she pretty?

    That is all.
  2. Preach

  3. Sentences are composed of a noun and a verb.
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  4. So post up a report!
  5. I thought this forum was about fishing, not sentence structure. Isn't that what you're all about? If the point gets through, what is the need for completed sentences? One should not criticize someone who tries to agree with you.
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  6. I wasn't sure if you agreed, disagreed, thought I was being preachy in a bad way, or being preachy in a good way. Thus my response, albeit a bit snippy. I do apologize for being short. I suppose reading all the bitching in posts kinda' negatively affected my mood.

    Oh, and by the way, no, I'm not just all about fishing. Sentence structure is, in my experience and opinion, pretty handy when communicating about fishing.
  7. Maybe an "amen" would have been more appropriate. More fun to read about fishing rather than see people snap at each other with opinions.

  8. Okay, "amen" would have worked since that single word essentially means, "let it be so." Thus, one word would encapsulate the noun and the verb. Nice one.
  9. I almost went fishing today. But when I got up this morning the temp here was 23 degrees. I'm older now and I need some warmth to the sun.

    If it's warmer tomorrow I'll think about it again. But I have to go get a new battery for my ATV. Maybe I'll just go riding instead.

  10. 23!?!? WTF. That's pretty cold, man. Hm, makes me recall cleaning ice out of my guides one April when I spent a week fishing the Beaverhead River. Gold lightning bugs work **awesome** in the Beaverhead this time of year. Hope it's warmer tomorrow!
  11. Possibility of snow tomorrow on the big lake Jim, so you are likely looking at the same in Dillon.

    Sent from my little square phone thingy...
  12. In the spirit of not being a jackass that posts about posting about fishing without actually posting a little more about fishing, here's another photo from yesterday.

    Afternoon break time on the little basalt island at Lake Lenice:

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  13. We had some snow on Saturday or was it Sunday morning. Just a little on the ground. The temp then was 17 degrees. But it does get warmer in the afternoon. Today it got into the high 50's. Supposed to be the same tomorrow. At 8:45 PM, it's still 49 degrees.
  14. Bummed I couldn't join you, Jim. Looks like a more enjoyable time than watching teenage girls playing softball.

  15. Ah, would have been great to fish with you again. That said, you can't go back and make up the time spent with the kids... there's plenty of life left for fishing after those years. Cheers man.
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  16. Jim,
    I can read who made the beer.
    I think I know who made the reel.
    I know where the basalt came from.
    But, who made that beautiful rod?
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  17. I wish I had a nice fishing report, but all my streams are closed or blown out through June. I will have plenty of fish stories this summer, as I plan on getting a year pass to Yellowstone. I also have a list of zipper lip creeks to fish and share photos.
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  18. Make sure you turn off GPS before you take photos in those secret spots :)
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  19. Thanks very much, first off. That is a Bill Critchfield from the midwest ( ). This rod was custom built for a friend of mine in Indiana about a half dozen years back, and he sold it to me just last year because he has another parabolic 15 and wasn't really fishing this one much. It's a six weight based on the Paul Young parabolic 15 taper. It's truly a joy to fish.

    By the way, that's a damn fine seasonal beer, too... ;)

    "Drinkin' and fishin' don't mix. Beer and whiskey don't count."

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