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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Originally my plan was to exceed OMJ in post counts. He has 19K and change and I'm a tad behind him with a low 2K count. My plan is that I will pass him sometime early in the year 2048.

    Today I did a check to see how my plan is progressing and I find there's someone who has even more posts than him. Also I have no chance of passing this parvenu. I would have to post 24 hours a day with no pee breaks, and you know how important pee breaks are for old guys.

    Shawn W is listed with about 4 billion posts. Here's his count: 4,294,967,295. I suspect there's been a little tampering with the counts. This guy would do good in PowerBall.
  2. The fly fisherman's mantra... never pass up a chance to pee.
  3. I thought the fishermans pee mantra was "not on the bib, not on the bib... (dribble) damnit!".
  4. 4.3 billion posts for Shawn W? Yep, that's believable.

  5. Who's Shawn W? And why don't I know, if he haz 4 billion posts?
  6. Maybe he has the count for EVERY post ever on WFF. But I still don't know if I could believe that number
  7. I think he has a count for every syllable or every letter typed on WFF. Double count on consonants.
  8. Yeah, I did some math and that would come out to a little less than 200,000 posts per member.
  9. Aw shit, I always thought I was on top. Maybe I ought to quit posting. But you all know that isn't going to happen. This is the only way I can talk to another person. I fish alone, I drive alone, As friendly as my wife is I almost sleep alone.
  10. There must not be much else to do in Palmdale, CA!
  11. You guys need to go fishing and stop counting silly stuff. Every post counts, but who counts posts? Now we know a few that do!
  12. This isn't aimed at anyone here, because I know this thread is all in fun....but... it reminded me of something:

    Once in a while, I hear the hosts on ESPN talk about their twitter followers, and how many they have. Seriously!? Um, I graduated from high school...the whole "popularity" thing is over now (which is something I never understood even when in school). I want to call in to the show and shout - Come on man, grow up!
  13. Well.... if we're going to talk about odd counting.... what's up with reporting the weight of a newborn human? What difference does it make? Is it all like a B.A.S.S. trournament where the parents with the largest baby wins?

    "My wife gave birth to a baby boy, 8 and a half pounds."

    Oh.... okay. I'm not sure what that means because I'm not aware of the standard. Is that considered a lunker or what? :)
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  14. I confess to too many statistics classes. Now about #2 and #3 on post counts. Some guys called OMJ and Mumbles.
  15. The reason I talk here or write here is...............................Nothing. Just like to get under Mumble's skin. I know he secretly counts his own posts.
  16. What difference does anything make. People just like to throw out stats to see what the rest of the world see's in it. I just get tired of all the bull shit in the world.

    Maybe if we all didn't watch TV or have a computer we wouldn't see any of this shit. Wouldn't that be nice.
  17. Secretly my ass. He's so proud of his count he puts the number right below his avatar on every post!

  18. you know Jim, I can see the cranky in your picture. If you were a 509er rather than a 406er you'd be a kinder, gentler OMJ and probably a different screen name, say maybe Sunny Jim.
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  19. "Sunny Jim, Gee that's Me". Wasn't that a commercial for some jams and jellies there in Seattle.I can remember seeing that on a billboard down in the area around Plant 2(Boeing). When I was a wee lad.

    I used to be a 425er.

    I just looked outside. It's thundering and lightening and raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.
  20. One Scotch, one bourbon, and one beer!!!!
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