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  1. Look out OMG here I come
  2. Looking at all this new advertising on the site...... Seems they owe all their success to you!
    Need to have an OMG tribute or something
  3. It's OMJ (Old Man Jim). Careful, he might get delusions of grandeur.

    ... 1,849 ... ;)
  4. Whoops sorry OMJ... I should have it right by now. I've only seen 80 million of your posts. Maybe I was thinking "old man gym ":)
  5. I was thinking, "OMG, he just called him OMG!!!" :D
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  6. Those 1 word contest threads are just useless post count boosters
  7. Karma.

  8. I recently made a new fishing friend that actually knows what that word means. Less than 1% do. In addition to him producing a Montana Bucktail from his box, I was astounded to find he had a correct understanding of it and, like me, had been dumbing it down for the masses for too long to remember. Dude is rad.
  9. Truly a cause and effect balance brought about by one's actions, choices, deeds or conduct. That is how I understand the word, and how I use it. I'd like to hear your friends interpretation.
  10. offender
  11. Read the Vimalikirti Nirdessa Sutra and you'll understand what it really means. Sheesh... A Prebyterian recommending a bhuddist sutra. Okay, scratch that, don't read it... just go with the standard Western simplification of a crux that no mortal can really overcome.
  12. Ed: ok, I'll just tell you...

    Karma is DEBT. It is debt that is incurred whenever an impure action is committed. Highlight, italicize and boldface impure. If an action has any impurity in it then it incurs karma (i.e. incurs debt). So, let's say you donate money to charity - great right? But, if you think to yourself, "that was really nice of me" - boom - nope - impure! You just incurred karmic debt. There is no such thing as good karma and bad karma (people that say that shit are just dumb... oops - they don't know... whatever). Karma is debt. By living every single action in an absolutely pure way eventually this debt gets payed down. It's no wonder buddhism espouses reincarnation - there's no frickin way it would ever work out in a single lifetime. So... there you go... next time someone says karma is cause and effect, or that what comes around goes around, or it's "just yin and yang, man" you'll be bummed because now you know what it really means. Every impure action is DEBT.

    I'm wrote off bhuddism as crap many many years ago. That said, I think if Christ had lived in the same area and same time as Gautama they'd have gotten along great and been buddies.
  13. Karma is a maxed out credit card at 21% interest?
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  14. Then why did you post here. You just added to your total.
  15. This isn't a 1 word contest thread my friend
  16. LMAO
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  17. The woman must be a saint if she's still sleepin next to fact, you might give her a shake to see if she's alive!

    If you really wanted company you'd still be livin in Washington, payin our high license fees...rather than putting down roots in bumf**k Montana.
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  18. Shes a good wife. Lets me go fishing anytime I want to. I don't need a god damn kitchen pass to get out. I couldn't afford to fish in BumFuck Washington anymore. To damn many fees. I'm surprised that you don't need a pass to fart.

    My 8 buck pass opens the door to many wonders, Boys.
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