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  1. Now that the shop is nearly empty, and DB-7 has made it home to Arkansas, time to turn efforts to something on a smaller scale.

    Storage lockers fore and aft will be big enough for Battery tray, and lockable. Interior non skid coating planned with a simple bench rowers seat in the middle. 1/2" bottom and 1/4" sides. About 4 inches rocker and a snug fit between the wheel wells of a pick-up.

    I'll post up more photos as construction progresses. PM me if anyone wants to stop by the shop.

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  2. Ross, that looks great. I'm working on a couple of prototypes myself. One 8' and one 10'. I'm not sure what the interior will look like. I'm leaning towards a full length fore-aft seat. I worked for an outfit that sold a kit pram with that configuration and it worked well.
  3. Pat, Got any photo's

  4. I'll post some when the first hull is at the stage yours are. I'm working on getting my shop heat situation sorted out right now. It's a little hard to work when it's ~20 degrees.
  5. I hear ya buddy, I have been burning kerosene in a space heater for a week. I need to insulate the shop
  6. I've been debating with myself over the cost of insulating the shop. The current heat solution is a smelly torpedo heater.
  7. Ross,
    Thanks for the invite to your shop. It was great to meet and talk with you. That pram is going to be a a great project. I got some great ideas to try and repair my mini drifter this summer. I can't wait to see the photo's you post as it progresses. I am hoping to see it again when completed.
  8. Mark,

    The welcome mat is always out. Let me know if you need more help with repairs. Glad to help

    Bottom and chine batten are on both boats. One has been set upright level and trimmed to start framing the storage locker and seats. I'll post up more photo's but for now I have to go to the epoxy store.
  9. Ross I love the pram and look forward to seeing more pics. I was wondering if you are planning on adding wheels? If you are would you be willing to reveal the wheel setup. I had a pram built for me years ago and finding it hard to lug around by myself now and was hoping I could mount some wheels and load up the boat then wheel it down to the water. Or if you know a site I could get some ideas would be great.

    Thanks Mike

  10. I fish from a Nucanoe Frontier, which I love, and it has a wheel accessory that is kinda cool. You can see a video of it in action here:

    One thing to keep in mind if you put wheels on the back of your pram is that you are lifting all of the weight of the boat, plus all the gear inside of it. I have my Nucanoe pretty well equipped now and I transport it on a trailer. I wheeled it from the shore across grass to my trailer last summer and it was hard on my arms. A cart located closer to the center of balance would have made it easier; like how he uses the trailer itself as a cart near the end of the video.
  11. First off "Life is running in greased grooves" I can now watch hockey while making sawdust.
    Here are some progress photos of the seat storage lockers. The seats are currently cardboard templates. I have to decide if the seats will be plywood or mahogany planks.

    I don't have any plans for wheels. These are fairly big and not light. Back all the way to the water and drag them in, either from a pick up or trailer. That being said, I think mounting a pair of 26" bicycle wheels to the oar locks, could work.

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  12. Man Nomlasder, you sure got talent. I love it
  13. Just curious: will the rear seat get in the way of standing? Prams are so small to begin with. I have seen pictures of several that leave them out.

    For those that have fished from them, what is your experience?
  14. Frank, No the boat will be roomy and have plenty of space to stand up. I am planning a simple plank rowers bench and there will be room on both sides. The overall length is 9'
  15. Ross, you'll get a good laugh at this...the Mrs. was looking over my shoulder at the first photo in your second photo post. She didn't have her glasses on, and remarked, "is that a TV on the back of that pram?"..."You guys watch TV instead of fishing...?"
  16. Sat Dish on the bow, and wet bar, what else do you need
  17. 25 year old blonde to row it????
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  18. Are you fishing today Jeff? Or are you cruising around looking for that gal to row your boat?
  19. Ha! I wish... Actually worked in the :eek: yard and tied a few soft hackles
  20. An added benefit of a stern seat is that it keeps the fisherman from standing to far aft.

    What's the plan for the framing in front of the floatation compartment? It looks like the bottom of the framing is sitting on the chime logs.

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