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  1. Pat, the storage locker was intentionaly left with a gap so water would pass. No floatation. I did a quick displacement calc, and these will hold gobs. I thought about putting a lattice or slat floor in the bottom and maybe a sliding tray in the top. You could be sitting in the bench seat and lift the seat lid for access to open boxes of flys and other paraphanalia, and simply close the lid for uncluttered fishing. I had also been thinking what to do with the anchor lines, so I may have net bags inside the locker so the wet line does not get tangled with battery cables, etc. This stuff may be something that is added later.
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  2. All good ideas. Years ago I was involved with selling the Pass Lake Pram. It had a different seat config, but it did have plenty of under seat storage including some sliding gear trays. Uncluttered fishing and casting was the goal.
  3. Hi Ross, nice prams! Give me a buzz when you get finished with the prams, looking forward to see them done. Great BS'n with you.
  4. Almost ready for paint and coatings, oh and Pittsburg just scored the winning goal.

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  5. Ross
    Looking great! I need to stop by again to see the progress and what kind of finish your applying. Are both prams at the same stage?
  6. Final Finish has started, this is the first 3 coats. I'll sand this at 150 and put another 3 or 4 more coats.

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