Pre Heating CI skillet

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  1. Made Swedish pancakes the other day but the first 3 were flops.

    How to tell when hot enough.

    Using Natural gas stove
  2. You should be able to dance a drop of water across the pan when dropped into the pan.
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  3. I can tell by the heat coming up from pan. Plus, similar to water test, I have a little oil in pan. It'll start streaming when up to temp.
  4. Outside to middle or Vise versa
  5. Just drop a drop of water in the middle of the pan, if it is hot enough, it will dance around the pan from the hot pan
  6. Next batch will be Photochopped :)

    By the way just watching Twister and Aunt Peg is cooking Steak and eggs with gravy (that is a food group in its self) hungry now ;)
  7. I was watching that too last night. .I laughed when they cracked eggs into one pan with a raw steak in it. My wife gives me grief when I nit pick errors in a movie. Lol, but it's ok When she does it.
  8. You could also put some butter/cooking oil in the pan and wait for it to begin smoking. Otherwise, the sizzling dance of a water drop should tell you.
  9. Only bad thing about letting it start to smoke, is you're literally burning the oil at that point. Which will affect the taste of what you're cooking unfortunately.
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  10. Certainly, but if you're not experienced yet, the burn point can give you a good idea of when to start. Just giving an inexperienced user some different options.

  11. Who said I was inexperienced, :) Nothing worse than a burnt Swedish Pancake
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  12. Not trying to say you're inexperienced, I guess I was keeping a larger audience in mind; sorry for the mixup. I hear ya on the pancakes, but at least you know not to eat them when they're burnt. I think it's worse when you get your cakes just the way you like em, and that first big bite has a little extra juice to it.
  13. Only problem with smoke method its you're teaching them to cook at too high of heat. One of the biggest mistakes with those new to cast iron. Problem when you run that hot is it takes awhile to cool pan down unless you're putting something super cold into pan, and even then the properties of cast iron will negate it anyways. I actually teach cast iron cooking and do demos as well. I've found that's the biggest way most leave using their pans.

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