WFF Project Healing Waters 2 Fly fundraiser/donation thread

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. Can you PM me the address to the Seattle location?!
  2. I don't have it. But you can google it. It's held at the Seattle VA. The program leads decide who gets to go. So i only help decide at Fort Lewis.
  3. I stopped by on my lunch break from school. They do it every Tuesday at 10am. But I will be in school every week through February... :/
  4. Jerry Check is in the mail and you can count on me to help out at camp or on a boat.
  5. Ok, will let you know. Not sure what we'll need volunteer wise.
    So would you be able to make it down to Ft Lewis since we tie later?
  6. I am heading to the VA Hospital today for the 10am class! This will be the only Tuesday I can make it to the Seattle location. What time do you guys start down there? I hope I can make it down there in the future. Thanks for all your help
  7. We meet every Tuesday at the WTB at 1500.
  8. Just to clarify since I've been asked. I can take prepaid VISA cards, but not ones for grocery and big box stores. I buy from a wholesaler so can use the visa there.
  9. Still holding at around $1200. Come on, almost have the food covered. :)
  10. Jerry, What's your total as of 8/10.
  11. I've been inundated with work and prep at my house for my brother in laws wedding here yesterday. I want to say $1500.
  12. Jerry:

    What do you need, I can add more for this very worthy cause.

    Scott Salzer
  13. Just came across this thread. I will be making a donation via paypal on Friday, our payday.
  14. I need to go through checks I've received, account i have cash in, and Paypal and figure out exact amount. Will do that here shortly. But I'm guessing I'm around $2,000 short.
  15. Ok, with Paypal, checks i have to deposit, and current incoming from a donation sale I'm at $1600.
  16. Jerry,

    PayPal sent. Please let me know if you didn't get it.

  17. I got it, thank you!
  18. Jerry, paypal sent. Confirm you've received it, thanks.

  19. Got it Stew, thanks
  20. Donation sent via, Jerry. Sent from my wife, Amy, Paypal account.
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