WFF Project Healing Waters 2 Fly fundraiser/donation thread

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. Thanks for doing this for vets Jerry. Check is in the mail.

  2. Got it Nick, thanks. :)
  3. Jerry:

    I can help out a bit more, what do you need at this point? I know, more donations, duh....

  4. Let me go through everything. I don't want a few people carrying the load. But think I'm at around $2300. I double counted one donation. But have a couple checks coming in the mail, and need to deposit a couple now. :)
  5. Jerry, lets us know the status. I'll make a second donation.
  6. I'm at $2400 and some change. :)
  7. Another donation from me on the way.

  8. Same from me check will be in the mail
  9. As of today, at $2600. :)
  10. Ugh, ok. I'm on vacation, so was able to go through all the donations as to date. I've been doing a lot of this stuff in my head. But now have a firm total on what has been donated cash wise. I had two "donations" that were fly orders, not one. So had to deduct both of those. Which reminds me, I'm going to have to do another thread to get addresses, I MUST HAVE THOSE for the donations. Even if you don't care about the in kind form, I need to show where this money came from. But the actual total at this point is $2315 (that includes taking out paypal fees for those who sent as a service). Still damned good. Food is easily covered now, which is where I wanted to start from. :)
  11. Thanks for the up date.
  12. We're at $2465. I think I'm about to call this thread. If you have donated, thank you. If you plan to donate, please do it asap. I'm going to start initial buying next weekend of dry goods and some frozen goods (I have a big industrial freezer). Will get most of the fresh goods right before we head across the mountains. At this point we are covered food wise. Thank you!!!!!
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  13. A check is in the mail Jerry. Thanks for what you all do and I am sorry I have to miss this year's event. I will be there next year however. Have boat will travel.
  14. Thanks. Things happen. We'll plug you in for next year. :)
  15. We hit $3000.I'm shutting down thread. Thanks for the donations. I'll deposit what trickles in but no more will be needed. Thanks to those that donated.
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