Project Healing Waters 3rd Annual 2-Fly Tournament

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  1. A great opportunity to support our fly fishing heroes! A beautiful place and an event that will truly touch your life.

    Please check out the blog and read the attached document:

    Healing Those Who Served!

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  2. trouthog-
    my congrats to you and your compadres putting it out there, what a great effort!
    there's a parallel program going on here at Ft Lewis, wish you well with your effort
  3. This is not a local tournament, but rather the PHW national headquarters annual tournament. It is hosted by Ed Nicholson, founder of PHW and planned by the PHW board. It has proven to be the main fundraising event for PHW. It's a great experience!

    By the way, PHW just launched it's 49th US chapter!
  4. This is a great deal for our injured comrades... being that I am currently on my second tour over here, I make it a point, when I am home, to support those in the fly fishing business who have sponsored these programs for our troops.

    I am attaching a link that I would ask that it gets passed around... it is fly fishing in Baghdad... and there are some big fish and great pictures. Who would have thought?

    Please support those companies that support us!


  5. Mike, from one old retired squid to you and your ground pounding comrades, thank you for your service. Thanks for posting the link, it looks like you've found a silver lining. Stay safe and best of luck getting onto your home waters soon.
  6. There have been PHW programs at both Ft. Lewis and the Seattle VA for about a year now. They are rapidly expanding and have programs in various states of start-up in Wenatchee, Spokane, Vancouver and also into Oregon and Idaho and this year the hope is to get something going in Alaska. While the Rose River farm 2-fly event is in Virginia, I'm hoping to eventually have a similar event here in WA state once the dust settles a bit.

    There is no greater satisfaction than to be able to support our wounded warriors and veterans through a program like this!
  7. didn't the Ft Lewis program move from Madigan OT over to Troop Command or someplace else on post? I think Jerry mentioned something about that
    I always meant to get down there and tie but I work days and can't break away
  8. Anybody know of any PHW activities on the Kitsap Penisula?

  9. The Ft. Lewis program was initiated by retired colonels Jesse Scott and Warren Perry in the Madigan OT unit several years ago, but they weren't associated with PHW at that time. Now that PHW is on station, the program has since moved to the warrior transition barracks.

    As far as Kitsap Peninsula activity, I know the Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers, Greywolf Fly Fishing Club and Dean Childs (owner of Wasatch Angling Products) have provided tremendous support through fund raising efforts and providing tools sets for PHW participants. You'll need to email: for any specific queries.
  10. Speydee, it was only about 2 years ago that it was started up. I know I was contacted about 3 years ago about helping start it up by Warren and he gave me Jesse's contact info. But Jesse and I lost contact. But it's only been up about 2 years max, and Larry Clemmons has been one of the most consistant guys there. I know Jesse is now heading up the Seattle VA one I do believe. But Chuck Tye came into the scene when PHW made an agreement with the small program at Madigan. So it was moved from the OT to the WTB/WTU on Fort Lewis.

    I know they are adding groups like mad. Chuck is super busy setting them up and recruiting people to help. I'm a volunteer as often as I can. Like SpeySpaz, I work and have a hard time making the Thursday events. But every vacation or Thursday I get off, i'm there. Plus, they've added a late night tying, and if it's still going when I'm off work I'm there. We also did our first rod making class this last Saturday. Went well and guys had a blast starting to build their first rods.

    It's a great group. Sucks I missed the first few monthes of the program. But I've been with the group when it was at Madigan before PHW picked it up. Still have yet to meet Jesse, but have spoken to him on the phone a few times. He's done some wonderful things with his one handed implement to help soldiers who can't use both hands.
  11. SpeyDee-

    Do you know who to conact in Spokane? I would love to do something.
  12. Stewart, you want to contact Chuck Tye. I only have his personal email. I'll see if I can get his PHW email addy for you.
  13. Stewart, contact our PHWFF regional coordinator,Chuck Tye, via email: Spokane doesn't have a program up and running YET but know they have been working on it for about the last 6 months or so. Last I heard John Newbury was interested in leading the cause in Spokane--but since he is in charge of organizing the fly tying demos in Ellensburg at the WSCFFF event this May, might be a little busy right now.

    Fishfinder, Chuck said there currently is no PHW program on the Kitsap Peninsula, but know he is very interested in starting one up. Are you volunteering? To be officially supported by PHW, the specific program needs to have a sponsoring club or FFF/TU chapter sign off on a memorandum of agreement with PHW to cover liability and accountability issues. This is the reason it takes so long to start up a program in an area; an organized, dedicated GROUP with clear leadership is needed to ensure continuity so the program just doesn't fizzle out because of lagging interest by a handful of well-meaning volunteers.

    We've had the Seattle VA program going for about 8 months, took almost a year to get it going. Jim McRoberts is the coordinator and our liason with our sponsoring club, the Washington Fly Fishing Club. For now we meet twice a week, Tue. morning and Wed afternoon in different wards, the volunteers rotate. If you are interested in volunteering, contact me: and I can get you started. Depending on the amount of time you would like to volunteer every month, you may be required to go through the Seattle VA orientation process, which famliarizes you with the VA system and performs security and background checks since you will be working directly with patients.

    Jerry, Jesse Scott trained me on his "Evergreen Hand" one-handed fly tying invention--reminds me I haven't practiced with it in a while. It is awesome!

    Look for the PHW booth at upcoming shows, think the first one will be the Fly Fishing Show in Bellevue next month. We have some amazing fund raising items you will not want to miss out on and the Evergreen Hand will in all likelyhood make an appearance.
  14. Hey Speydee, we're probably going to have a booth with FFF this weekend at the Sportsman Show in Puyallup. I'm still talking with Chuck about what is going on with that. May try calling him in a bit and talking it over. I remember playing with Jesse's design when I first started over at the OT center at Madigan. Great design, and better then the one I played with. I had a serious spinal injury at work that caused partial paralysis of my left arm. I could work it if I focused hard enough, but had a hard time using it tying. So made my own clamp system for my vise about 6 years ago. It worked ok, but Jesse's is so much better. I think Larry still has one of those older systems that Jesse setup at Madigan.

    I'm hoping to possibly make the show at Bellevue too. If Speydee is talking about what I THINK he's talking about, I've seen it. It's AMAZING! I was drooling over it when Chuck showed it to me.

    Stewart, I gave Chuck your email address and he said he'll forward your info over to the person who is repping for him over there.

    Speydee, if you're gonna make the Bellevue show, I'd love to meet you.
  15. ]Jerry,

    Would you believe it was may 2006 when Warren Perry and I met with LtCol Sandra Harrison-Weaver at the Madigan Occupational Therapy unit. The first volunteers were Ron Elk-Eagle, John townsell, Warren and I. Warren, formerly "Grizzly 6" on this website, received a lot of suppport from members of this web site in the form of money, tools, materials etc.

    John Townsell recruited members of the Washington FFC and Bill Mackay, Jim McRoberts, Dick Stearns, Walt Swanson, and PJ Hicks joined us. Then PJ reruited guys from the Puget Sound Club. Larry Clemons, Ed Poppleton,Kevin Ryan, and Michelle Tungel.
    In 2007 Carl Johnson, President of WSCFFF, let us auction a fly plate of flies tied by the Madigan folks. It brought in $2000 and we were off and running. Shortly thereafter we aligned with PHW, sent them the money and The Puget Sound Fly fishers signed the agreement to sponsor the Ft lewis effort.

    Vicky Hoagland, a researcher at Seatle VA, and an excellent fly tyer, pryed open the door at Seattle VA. I guess I should say blew it open. it was not easy. Anyway, Jim McRoberts headed up that group and the Washington FFC now sponsors the activity. Paul Dieter, Jim Higgins, Chuck Ballard, and Walt Swanson were all active in that program.

    When Chuck Tye relocated to Washington he agreed to be the Program Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest. I hate to admit it but this former Marine did a hell of a job and we are where we are today largely due to Chucks efforts. I've traveled with the dude to the Albany, Oregon show, Ellensburg, Bellevue, and Conclave. Just give him some duct tape, parachute cord and he'll have a display set up you wouldn't believe.

    Anyway, thats how it began, and you now have the rest of the story.

    Charge On,
  16. Yeah, I remember it. I remember you recruiting me when it was started up. Can't believe it was that long ago. I know I missed the first couple months when we started as a Red Cross group. But started riding Larry Clemmons coattails into Madigan just after it began. Amazing how far we've come.
  17. Actually, I take that back, it was Warren who recruited me. Think I spoke to you though about getting in Jesse. I remember I spoke with Warren before the group started. I was lost in the shuffle (mostly because I wasn't a member of a flyclub I think). But I got myself back in the door. :)
  18. Jerry, I need your home digits. I have some news for you.
  19. I continue to be in awe of all that you have done to help our wounded warriors. I cold have never imagined that a reluctant request for assistance on this forum 3 1/2 years ago would have turned into such a success. Thanks to all of you and especially Jesse and Project Healing Waters for gining your time and talents to help those who have sacrificed so much.

    I am currently assigned to the Army's Recuriting Command at Fort Knox (after a year in Iraq) and have watch proudly from the sidelines as a simple idea has turned into so much more than I could have dreamed of. Thanks again to all of you.

    Warren M. Perry
    Colonel, U. S.Army
  20. We moved the Ft lewis Program down to the Warrior Transition Battalion. That is the unit that holds all those young guys and gals. We tie every Tuesday 2:00-7:00 0r 8:00. Come on down we would love to have you. We are planning on coming down for the Hoh Down.

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