Public Beach Access N. of Kayak Point?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by cook, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. I have a work thing in Warm Beach and may be able to squeeze in a little time before hand. Thinking I'd love to hit a beach nearby. I've fished Kayak Pt. before, but was wondering about access north of Kayak Pt.? Google Earth makes it look mainly private/residential. Has anyone fished beaches near there? Normally, I'd take the time to explore, but I'm on a tight time window and if I'm super efficient, I maybe can get 2 hours in--I'd appreciate a lead. Thanks!
  2. Go here: 48.164749,-122.369537 There is a narrow public access but parking can be a problem.
  3. That was the exact spot I was looking at on google earth--much appreciated!
  4. I think she might be tugging your line so to speak. Unless you think she just posted coordinates to a small local spot on a public forum. I have a funny feeling she just picked the spot that had the most roads close to water and gave you a vague references to tight parking. If so I think thats pretty funny.
    I say just walk down there and snoop around If it looks like no ones gonna stop you or there aren't any no trespassing signs then go for it. And if there is a property owner down there the chances are about 50/50 that theyll kick you out vs becoming a friend that lets you fish their beach
  5. Sorry, but in the kayaking community, it is a well-known, published launch spot. In the paddling/rafting world, sharing knowledge is the cultural norm as lives (not to mention fun) often depend on such knowledge being shared.

    Yes, I realize that this is not the cultural norm among anglers but since he was asking where to launch his kayak, I told him. Sorry if I applied the wrong set of values as I realize that this is a fishing website but when the two worlds collide, it leaves one in a head-spinng quandary about which set of norms apply, LOL. Besides, there is a reason hordes of anglers do not flock enmass to Port Susan waters and access is not one of them. But hey, at least he will get in some nice paddling.
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  6. lol, I could swear you were just messing with him.
    But really sometimes finding you just have to see what a spot looks like in person. Ive driven down a ton of residential roads looking for put ins in the past.
  7. Also he didn't say he was fishing out of a kayak in the op, sounded more like beach fishing at or around kayak point which Is why I thought being sarcastic. Is that a fishable beach?
  8. I was looking for beach fishing and only because I had a meeting in warm beach and wanted to get a quick hour of fishing during lunch. Freestone, I appreciate your lead. I met some nice folks who live on that street who said normally no one fishes from the beach because technically people's property extends fully to beach. There were some nice channels where they said fish have been moving through regularly. Tide was so low that I decided to fish the stilly instead(which was in horrible shape). Again, appreciate the lead and honesty--definitely wasn't trying to gain access to anyone's secret spot.
  9. No good results on the Snohomish.
    All Silvers and No Biting ! lots and lots of slivers in the river. have not seen one landed yet.
  10. Finally got my kayak rigged with a depth finder and paddled from kayak point to warm beach a few weeks ago. Nice paddle but it dawned on why I was all by my lonesome while the hordes stayed close to kayak point. It is basically a sand/silt bottom tide flat from this side of warm beach to ? (the mouth of the stilly I presume).
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