Puffy Jackets and Flat brimmed hats

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  1. Relax guy's it's starting to change back. I hear my boy's and their buddies make fun of dudes wearing pants around the ankles and flat hat brims shit hanging out the face and even tats. I get a big smile !! We were in Hollywood last summer and Lemmy comes out of the Rainbow. My boys almost knocked me over to get to the camera !!! It's all good !!!!
  2. Lemmy from Motorhead?
    Is there any other Lemmy?
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  3. Since this started and was probably directed at me...I've read through most of this and I guess it shouldn't surprise me that most don't get it...It's not what your wearing it's how who's wearing it acts on the river...

    I'm not sure if your pissed because it describes your attitude out there and are deflecting it or if you just don't understand?

    Age and style have nothing to do with etiquette on a river...Been low holed by young and old...problem is the pretend gangster little rich white boy who comes stomping down to the river and abuses the fish and other fisherman with a complete lack or concern over said etiquette.. Not a clue about anything but his own pretense that because he has a fly or spey rod, he is above everyone else...

    That sense of entitlement is what really gets me...Does it surprise me? No I've seen a lot of fucked up parents raise fucked up kids....but if you think your rod or gear gives you some special privilege then you are what you deserve to be....

    Sorry, I'll move on...
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  4. I don't think anybody's pissed off because of what you started. This turned out to be quite interesting. I get a big grin over what some people wrote.

    Where I live and fish I never get low holed or have to put up with shit where I fish. I very seldom see any more that five people in a 15 mile stretch of skinny water. If somebody showed up and started fishing where I was, I would just pack up and leave. There's plenty of water in Montana to throw a line.
  5. when all else fails fish naked [​IMG]
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  6. whooshh
  7. Assholes are assholes, doesn't matter what kind of rod they have. On the river I've met: baitchucking redneck entitled assholes, "River runs through it" entitled assholes, crazy foreign "whats ESA? we kill everything we catch" entitled assholes, and yes "pretend gangster little rich white boy" entitled assholes.

    But focusing in on one version over another, that's a "you" thing. We all got people we get along with better or worse. But I will tell you that it's silly to single out one type of asshole as being somehow more asshole-y than the rest.

    They all suck equally. Doesn't matter what style of hat they are wearing.
  8. Posting my hat photos tomorrow ;)
  9. To the OP - I think you might need to look at where your living and fishing. even if your living on the east side you still have a city and surrounding area of some 7 million people!

    Hell, I compare that with Portland and Vancouver area of about 1 1/2
    million and a whole west coast of Oregon (Salem, Roseberg, Eugene and so on) that probably doesn't add up to 7 million and ask what the hell do you expect?

    I looked into the Frazer river area in BC to get the hell out of Portland but it seems all the retirees from Seattle already sky rocketed the land prices let alone just trying to find a trailer or prefab home at a decent price.
    do you think the fishing is good around L.A. because that's what I call the Seattle area.

    Sure we would all love everyone to have perfect river etiquette but what is the reality? If you want the river by yourself or perfect etiquette - move. If you live anywhere close to an area with 7 million people - deal with it! One fishermans etiquette may not be anothers so please explain what is your etiquette so we can email the 7 million people and tell them how "you" want them to act while your fishing. How much water do you need below you that no one should ever fish anywhere close to you? how many people need to be on the river that day before "YOU" decide to give a "little" for the masses, or is that to much to ask?

    I would suggest you buy Cady lake before some out of state money does and close it off for yourself than you wont have to bother with another fisherman ever again.
  10. Its been a toss up between this site and a photography website as to has the most Whiny Peeholes, so far thank goodness this site is in second :)
  11. from a post starting with pissed off guy due to bad water manors to a history of clothing retailers, a coupla of good writers, phobic concoctions, Beaver logos, motorhead, and storage costs...

    truly entertaining

    BTW Old Man, you F**! rock, dont let the bastards keep you down. As if they could
  12. don't wear em!

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  13. And don't forget these from the early 70's I believe (?) .... They never took off in general public, geez wonder why?

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  14. Flat billers............The pains people go too, to achive a percived state of cool.. Here and I wear the same clothes everyday. Carhartts and Carhartts and wait for it....... Carharrtts again..
    Many years ago I wondered why my grandfather always wore the same plain work uniform style clothes. Now I seem to be doing the same. Must mean something....
  15. Nothing gets me down. I come here for the laughs, and there are plenty of them here.

    I go fishing every once in while. Just about every other day. I don't stay on the river long. To many aches and pains.But really waiting for it to warm up a bit. I like it to be warm and feel the sun on my back. It's coming.
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  16. Old Man, I want to thank you for explaining something I couldn't figure out, why so many young men wear their caps backwards.
  17. It is the generalization, G Man, that is what catches in most of our craws. Some of us, and by us I mean Millennials (a group to which I barely belong, as I am the bastard child who falls between Gen X and the Millennials), may represent the appearance of the perpetrators whom you have outed for their unacceptable behavior, but in fact have been in the fly fishing game for a long, long time and know the unwritten codecs of angling, and respect them as law. You said it yourself; you have been lowholed by the young and old alike. I have seen the behavior that you have described from the young and old alike, and I don't see the point in reducing it to a clothing issue. It is bigger than that. The entitlement issue is not one that is strictly tied to the youth in this sport. I have seen a wide age range of individuals whom act in this manor. I am not trying to perpetuate this discussion, nor am I sticking up for any snot nosed brat that you may have run into that wore a certain garment and carried a piss poor attitude. I am simply explaining why some of "us" don't care for the generalization.

    *I would like to qualify that, "a long, long time" is with respect to my total number of years on this earth. I am almost thirty, and I have been fly fishing since the age of 8 or so; that is "a long, long time" to me. It may not be, "a long, long time" to you, because you are older. It is all relative.
  18. sopflyfisher. Can't you spell you. It's not very hard. Just two more letters. Yo. I'm not really the word police but most people here can spell or use the spell checker.
  19. Is there a sociologist on the board that can comment in a learned fashion about why this thread elicits all this response?

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  20. Looks like someone's glycogen levels are a little low. I'd recommend a bottle or two of


    to help ease your crankiness. Or perhaps...


    is more your style?

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