Puget Sound Face To Face Swap And Gathering

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. This will be a Face to Face swap and Gathering at Steve's place at Dash Point
    We are looking for tiers and people willing to do presentations on
    tying -casting -spey casting whatever your thing is
    We are also looking to contribute to and make a difference so in addition to the flies you tie for the swap we want each tier to tie one extra fly to be used to create a plate to donate to
    Project Healing Waters
    Each tier will tie two sets of flies
    One Sea Run Cutthroat Fly
    One Dry Fly
    Event will be held Saturday June 2, 2012
    Who is in?

    1-Kelvin Double Reserve Spider and The Bright Dot
    2-Steve Saville
  2. I'm in as well.
  3. I have another request. Could we please move the swap to a Pub or to June 2nd? I am asking for a very selfish reason. We have a request from a military family to rent our house from the 19th of June until July 15th. That's a total of 25 days and at our rate, we can hardly turn that down. I will understand if you never want to speak to me again but I am only one fourth of the partnership along with my spouse, and her sister and husband. It's not a great situation but perhaps we can figure something out that will be suitable. Let me know what you think, please. I am terribly sorry and embarassed to ask.
  4. I'm thinking about this one. Been kinda busy lately. We'll see Kelvin.
  5. If we get a time/date nailed down for this I'll check my calendar and see if I can make it.
  6. date depending, I will participate
  7. June 2nd it is
  8. What's the new details? Same place?
  9. I can't make this one unfortunately. It will be a good one I'm sure... my loss
  10. Cool. Count me in, I'll make my presence worthwhile with something. Maybe shoot me a PM or I'll do the same. I don't fish for sea runs or tie dries at all, but I can offer other services.
  11. Thanks guys for your understanding. The rental will just about pay the taxes for the year so it was hard to pass on, especially since we will get the money up front. I'll try very hard to make it woth your while.
  12. Well, I hear tales of fine homebrewers on here.... I could be tempted to join this swap yet! ... :D
  13. Jump Larry and bring Mark with you I'll hook you up with some brew and a killer size 22 midge emerger
  14. It is June 2nd. The place is reserved just in case you were waiting to sign up for the swap.
  15. Not enough interest to keep it going. The swap is canceled for now. We'll try again later.
  16. Dang....wish I lived a bit closer. This would have been a fun event to attend.
  17. We'll do it again when we can get enough people together. We've had three or four events there, ususally with a BBQ and refreshments. It's a lot of fun and we do often get some fishing done as well.

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