Puget Sound Salt Water Face to face

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  1. Tried this earlier and think I made it more complicated than it is
    So in the spirit of fun and keeping it simple here we go
    June 2, 2012 Face to Face Salt Water fly swap

    Tie your favorite salt water fly
    Get together will be at Steve Saville's place at Dash Point

    There is room to paratice casting
    access to the water to fish
    food, great views, and a place to tie
    bring your rods
    bring your vice
    bring 9 flies you tied

    who's in?
    1 Kelvin
    2 Steve
  2. WOW
    you can feel the love in this room
  3. Hard to be part of this when I work on Saturday's. Have fun.
  4. Kelvin,
    This sounds awesome and I would love to join this swap/fish out...,but it's Spring and I'm swamped with little league, HS girls Golf, lawn mowing and so on. I ALMOST foolishly signed up, and then decided I cannot!

    My loss! Hope others make the time, this would be awesome!
  5. Well, I am working AND it is my birthday (the big 4-0 no less) so I'm out.
  6. Sorry we already have plans that day. Will miss the group. Maybe next time.


    We should have done a send a cool fly to Rob swap!

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