Puget Sound SRC fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Gary Knowels, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Anyone interested in doing a swap for Sea Run flies used on the beach? I know that a lot of people don't used a lot of variety when plying the salt, but I figured it could be a fun swap. I am building a brand new beach rod that I hope to finish in a week or two and wouldn't mind getting a batch of wonderful flies to take along on its virgin outing! If I get enough interest I'll host a mail swap. Signup deadline of 3/17/13 and mailing deadline of 4/7/13.

    Gary Knowels - Sea Run Bugger from Nativetroutflyfishing.com DONE
    Eyejuggler - Reversed Spider RECEIVED
    Nailbender - baitfish pattern RECEIVED
    Steve Knapp - topwater tube slider RECEIVED
    Chris Bellows - surface pattern RECEIVED
    Pat lat - popper patterns
    Ben Guss - yellow/orange tube spider RECEIVED
    Bob Triggs - Little Stone's chum baby
    Kelvin - Double K Reverse Spider RECEIVED
    lap dog - snot dart RECEIVED

    10 tyers total. Please tie 10 flies of a single pattern (you'll get one back, its just WAY easier to sort out this way) if you want to tie a second pattern feel free. Please get the flies in the mail by 4/7/13, but clearly the earlier the better.

    Thanks for joining and I'm looking forward to seeing all the great patterns!
  2. Only responding so I have this thread in my history to refer back on and see what people tied. My tying skill is lacking so wouldn't want to curse somebody with my work!
  3. I only started tying a few months ago and I'm not great by any means. I welcome any and all tyers and find that entering swaps have been great for improving the quality of my ties. It forced me to repeat a pattern many times as well as focusing on quality because I didn't want to give crap to other people.
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  4. I have never done one before so a little hesitant, but thats pretty much all I have been tying and these swaps sound like fun. What are the rules per say? I might give it a shot.
    I am new tyer so it would definitely be a good challenge.
  5. Sign me up, probably a bait fish of some kind.

  6. I'm in! I'll tie my chum fry pattern, or maybe a slider/popper

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  7. I can't speak for the others but I'd love some topwater action!
  8. Sounds good, I'll tie my favorite topwater tube slider

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  9. Ok guys, had some connection issues, but fixed now that I am home. I will be busting out some reverse spiders for the swap, a great, funky action SRC viable fly!
  10. i'm in with some kind of surface pattern if there is still space.

  11. Plenty of space! 6 spots left or however many people sign up by the deadline. Glad to have you Chris.
  12. im in, I have a couple of cool popper patterns that I'll tie.
  13. We have 7 people so far. Im hoping for 10-12. We'll tie one pattern ( or two if you want), one fly for each tyer.
  14. As long as there is not over 10, I'm in with a yellow and orange spider on a tube.
  15. Then we will cap at 10 with you included! Which means only 2 spots left......
  16. I will support with my Little Stone's Chum Baby!
  17. Only 1 more spot left!
  18. I'm in if its still left
  19. Kelvin rounds out the list. Welcome guys, Im certain that this will be a great swap.

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