Puget Sound SRC fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Gary Knowels, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. finished and should get them in the mail tomorrow or wednesday

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  2. Chris GOOD ONE!
  3. Mailing my surf smelt attempt soon

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  4. match the hatch indeed
  5. Chris~
    Can you share some tying instructions for that one? Looks like a interesting one to tie...
  6. perfect timing - i just typed up instructions to send in with the flies - i'll try to tie on up on camera in the next week and post it here if you're interested.

    Hook – Gamakatsu SC15 #4
    Thread – Uni 6/0 White
    Tail – White Super Hair (tapered) – coat with Softex just past the bend of hook
    The tie in Pearl Green Angel Hair over and then pull back tag ends underneath.
    Body – Holographic Cactus Chenille (Silver/Gold) 2-3 wraps
    Head – Thin piece of White 1/8" foam or other sheet foam – poke hole in
    center and fold back and tie in a ways back from hook eye. Cut off tag ends
    apply 2.0 Yellow Prismatic Tape Eyes to the flat sides.
    Finish – Coat foam head with Flex Clear Cure Goo – after curing coat with Hard as
    Hull head cement.
  7. updated foam in the description - was not thin foam but the 1/8" sheet stuff.
  8. I might redo one or two but pretty much ready to go. I only did 4 with chenille, the rest with dubbed bodies, a technique that challenges me, but after busting these out I definitely feel I have become more competent. I varied the colors and will probably send 12 and let Gary disperse them as he sees fit. Been a first for me and mildly stressful to have a timeline, but it only helped to sharpen my focus. :)
    I am a noob at this so I hope they will be passable!
    Thanks guys
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  9. those are NICE
    I want a black one please
  10. I really like the dubbed ones!

    Kelvin, did you want a black chenille one or a black dubbed one?
  11. if i have an option, i'd love one of the orange ones... october caddis and all.

  12. As the host, I will accommodate for choice of reverse spiders from Dave and assort appropriately ;)
  13. dubbed
  14. Received flies from Chris bellows, nailbender, and lap dog today. Excellent quality flies. If this is any indication of the swap as a whole I will be VERY pleased!
  15. Nice ties!
    If its not a huge pain in the ass, i'll take one of the black spiders too.
    Mine should be in the mail tomorrow.
  16. Steve Knapp's came in the mail today. Half are in!
  17. I forgot to take some photos, but I tied my version of Lelands popper on a tube, pair it with a Gami SC15-4. Over the last couple of seasons I've seen a ton of herring around, although the recent thread on their decline has made me think! I wanted to tie a fly with blues, purples, gold and white and came up with this combination. I have tried literally dozens of color combos in surface patterns and this has by far been my best producer. My three biggest Cutts, all over 18", came on this fly. I also understand the theories about color not mattering in a waking slider type fly, but what the Hell, it's been working!

    Hope you guys enjoy them

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  18. Thanks Steve! I'll take pictures of all the flies and yours are awesome! Having never fished a tube pattern, can you explain for me how exactly to rig it up?
  19. Yep, no problem. I meant to include hooks, but I ran out and after three shops being sold out I gave up and shipped them. All you do is run your tippet through the fly, tie on the hook, then pull the hook into the hook keeper. The shank of the hook and the knot will be hidden inside the hook keeper. When you hook a fish many times the fly will slide up the leader, away from the hook. That's about it.

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  20. I think I may have enough of those hooks, if I do, I'll add them to the packages when i send them out.

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