Puget Sound SRC fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Gary Knowels, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. I've received a few more over the weekend and updated the original post as to whose flies I have received. Looks like we are only waiting on Pat Lat and Bob Triggs. As soon as I get those I'll sort them out and get them shipped off ASAP.
  2. Mine have not made into mail yet
    will do tomorrow
  3. Sounds good. Maybe I was just remembering taking a look at one of your flies that I already had in my box.....
  4. Gary you should have today
  5. Yep, just pulled them out of the mailbox!
  6. Ive been busy lately so I didnt have time to do my deer hair poppers, but I have a pattern that is equally cool, just less time consuming, but I will have my set sent out by the weekend
    The pattern is a chum fry and it landed me 4 cutts in a row on easter sunday
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  7. Pat dropped his off yesterday and I expect to get Bob's in the mail today. I hope to get the flies out by Thursday and then most of you should have them in time for some weekend fun!
  8. I sorted out all of the flies last night and repackaged them. Headed to the post office now to ship them off! You all should get them by Friday. Pictures will be up later this week/weekend. As of right now I only have a cell phone camera, but trying to borrow my friend's DSLR to take higher quality pictures.

    Incredible ties from everyone! I'm thrilled and amazed at the patterns that you guys came up with and tied. I'm really looking forward to fishing some of them this weekend. Thanks again for participating!
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  9. Cool Beans.
  10. Got my flies today.Thanks to Gary and everyone else, some nice patterns.

  11. Got my box today, THANK YOU Gary for hosting this and THANK YOU to all the folks that submitted all of these beautiful little works of art! Heading out this weekend to try them out and have a Burger and rings :)
    I was hesitant to join because of my newbie status, but it really ramped up my skills, I was suprised and happy.
    Thanks again gents and I hope you all get out there and have some fun!
  12. I initially felt like it would be a shame to use these beautiful flies. But then I realized that it would be a shame not to use them!
  13. I received my flys yesterday, thanks to all the tiers for great ideas and flies. Gary was nice enough to add a hook to my popper, and it looks like a nice hook. Thanks Gary, hope we run into each other on the beach sometime! The hook is a bit heavier than I normally use on my topwater flys so if it seems to be submerging more than skating, drop down to a Gami SC15-4, it's a much lighter hook. It should be fine I'm sure.

    I fished the South Sound yesterday and found plenty of hungry searuns chasing chum fry. We got them to chase up on top, but hook ups were very low, which is normal this early in the year. We switched to subsurface chum fry patterns and did really well. They're our there!


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  14. I thought the hooks I added were SC15 in size 6, but when I look again I realize they are actually Tiemco 811s in size 6. I hope they'll work, but if not you all get a free saltwater hook to tie something on!

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