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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Bob Young, May 14, 2013.

  1. Bob Young

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    I have fished Purdy several time in recent weeks. There are some really nice cutthroat feeding but I have been relatively ineffective in hooking them. They are chasing something voraciously which I doubt are small chum fry. Sunday, a number of flyfishers came and went and none were very successful. I have fished through various tide changes without much success. A couple of nice fish have come to a Miyawaki popper but did not manage to hook themselves. One guy told me he got some fish on Saturday on a Flatwing pattern. I am sure that Roger S. would do really well.
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  2. plaegreid

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    I was there on Saturday and got a nice rezzie on a clouser. I got some solid hits just under the surface from what I'm pretty sure were cutts, but couldn't manage to hook up. As far as what they're chasing, there were plenty of baby coho and little perch-lookin jobbies along with some sculpin, so they've got quite the buffet set up for em.
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  4. Pat Lat

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    Purdy fish have a lot of pressure, so they can get picky, fly choice is key in my opinion. but they are there, they usually announce themselves when they show up and they are usually big.
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  5. Jonathan Tachell

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    I have been seeing some three to four inch sand lance around the south sound lately. They might be chasing them. Every kind of fish loves sand lance and will chase them with reckless abandon. Oh and thanks for blowing the lid on my secret cutthroat beach. Just kidding.
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    Hit up Purdy today for about 3 hours. Brought one 10 inch fish to hand and maybe another 6 or so <6" fish, and more than I could count swiping at my fly as it neared my feet. Where are the big boys hiding? :mad:

    In other news concerning frustrating well know beaches, Titlow was a sight to see today. Dimpling in every direction, and for about 100 yds off the beach. Just an insane number of immature 6 in coho everywhere, as well as chum smolt hugging the beaches. Didn't so much as get a tug, or see anything come out of the water. Still it was just spectacular to see.
  7. Eyejuggler

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    Same for me around noon at a nearby beach... lots of jumping small 4-6 inch fish, assuming those were smolts doing their thing and not even a tug. Saw about 4 guys out there with me and from the looks of it they were having the same luck.
    Chatted briefly with a chap in a red cap and we commiserated on the lack of anything but scenery :)
    Beautiful day tho and I might be coerced to head back out tomorrow...maybe :)
  8. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    Hey, dp, was that you walking to the Titlow parking area about noon or so? The wife and I were just walking into the Beach Tavern for lunch when I saw a guy with fly rod in hand. I almost walked across the street to get the report but didn't.
  9. daveypetey

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    Yeah that was me. Did you look at the water? Incredble....ly annoying. ;)

    Is that place any good for lunch?
  10. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

  11. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    I used to fish these beaches ALONE. Now I don't stop there much, if seldom.... Frankly, this could have been titled "Beach Report". :p
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  12. Pat Lat

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    No but really it does get crowded. especially on the last half of the ebb, All of a sudden theres 6 guys lining the beach beside you.
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  13. Peter Pancho

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    As far away as seattle to fish purdy? There is barely 100 yds of decent beach!? Again much fishing pressure, there are a ton of better beaches within 30 minutes of this beach and are at least more than 40' away from the main highway. I see this beach get hammered by at least 3-6 fisherman every sunday morning : (
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  14. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    I like both the Beach and Steamer's although the water views from Steamer's are better.
  15. Pat Lat

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    !00 yards is generous, there's pretty much one spot at purdy that fish consistently, if I pull up and see someone standing in my spot I usually pass, That being said its still one of my favorite beaches.
  16. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    There ya go!!!!
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  17. Mark Mercer

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    Here we go again!!!! All we're saying is don't mention the names of beaches, no matter how well known they are...
    It serves no purpose except putting more pressure on beaches that are already too pressured. Everyone knows about these places but it brings them to the fore front for everyone who watches these sites to see. Just my opinion....
  18. Roger Stephens

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    Exactly! It is why I never mention which locations that I am fishing at even if they are well know.

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  20. wlai

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    And what about that darn printing press! Ruining fishing since 1450! Don't even get me started on Gutenberg!! :)